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Upcoming 15th Ward Special Election In Three Weeks; Candidate Forum Monday September 29, 2014

September 16, 2014 Board of Aldermen, Events/Meetings, Featured, South City 6 Comments
A candidate forum will be held on Monday September 29, 2014 at the Carpenter Library, 7pm
A candidate forum will be held on Monday September 29, 2014 at the Carpenter Library, 7pm

The 15th ward seat on the Board of Aldermen became vacant in July when Jennifer Florida resigned to accept appointment as the Recorder of Deeds, which became vacant after Sharon Carpenter resigned to end investigation into charges of nepotism. Florida was reelected to the Board of Aldermen in the Spring of 2013. Now voters in the 15th ward will return to the polls next month or elect a new alderman.

Here are the four candidates, in reverse ballot order:

Rhonda Smythe

To my knowledge, the only one of the four I’ve met in person. I met Smythe through her work at Trailnet. As an independent candidate, Smythe submitted at least 106 signatures from valid 15th ward voters to be on the ballot.

Megan Ellyia Green

Green also gathered & submitted signatures to be on the ballot.

Joshua D. Simpson

  • Website: unknown
  • Facebook Page: unknown
  • Twitter: unknown

I was unable to find online information on this candidate or how the GOP nominated him. I did find the St. Louis Republican Central Committee website and Facebook page, no mention of Simpson on either.

Missy Pinkerton-McDaniel

Democratic Committeeman Tod A. Martin & nominated McDaniel, the Committeewoman, for the ballot.

So there are the four individuals seeking to become the next alderman representing the 15th ward. If you’re a registered voter in the 15th ward I urge you to look into all four and consider attending the upcoming candidate forum on Monday September 29, 2014. 7pm @ Carpenter Library, lower level, 3309 S. Grand

The special election is in three weeks, Tuesday October 7, 2014.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. Sgt Stadanko says:

    i’m a busy man… what’s the skinny with the “homeless” pan handlers? Who is against that human garbage- let me know, and they have my vote. I am so sick of these conmen who are lazy pieces of garbage that want handouts rather than work.

  2. KevinB says:

    Glad to see an actual election rather than the one (or none) opposing candidates that occurs in many ward elections.

    Fifteen may just be my favorite in the City — great, diverse housing, bookended by two commercial districts…one established (S. Grand) and one burgeoning (MorganFord), a beautiful park to the north and an important east-west route to the South. Add in my undying dream of a De Soto line Metrolink dipping through the district, and it could be amazing. Hell, if I lived there, I’d be tempted to run!

    Of course, who knows what the area will look like, district-wise, when the ward reduction takes place in six years (still against that move, but the voters spoke loudly and clearly, I guess…)

  3. Sgt Stadanko says:

    listen honey… if you think i am being hard on these “unfortunates”, let me tell you something. Tell me where you like (guessing county) and I’ll drive them over to your neighborhood and she how “holier than thou” you are. how would you like getting shaken down for money every day your walk the streets. you are out of touch honey. Get back in your MiniVan and go through Starbucks drive through while on the cell phone. thanks, Sarge

  4. JZ71 says:

    I must be getting old when three of the four candidates are Josh, Megan and Missy . . . . I do like that the three that have websites have defined positions on multiple issues – makes it easier to make an educated choice.

  5. KevinB says:

    Wish ALL the aldermanic elections were organized as special elections (i.e. NO PRIMARIES!). At most, we really just need a general candidate election and a quick follow-up runoff (two-rounder would likely work best; instant is worth consideration; elimination is too cost/time sensitive).

    It may be naive, but I don’t really see the value of political primaries for local governance. Except, of course, as a way for political parties to ensure they aren’t siphoning off their own votes when it comes to the general election…


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