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Readers Split on Kacie Starr Triplett’s Personal Use of Campaign Funds

April 23, 2014 Politics/Policy 9 Comments

In the unscientific poll last week the answer with the most votes ended up with just 26.5%, too small to say readers favored Triplett serving some jail time . Here are the results:

Q: Thoughts on former alderman Kacie Starr Triplett’s use of campaign funds for personal expenses (pick 2)

  1. Should’ve had some jail time 31 [26.5%]
  2. Public humiliation and paying $22,000 over three years is justice 24 [20.51%]
  3. Gotta watch the ones always taking about Jesus 20 [17.09%]
  4. They all do it to some degree 12 [10.26%]
  5. The $22,000 settlement should go to 6th Ward projects, not the school system 12 [10.26%]
  6. Other: 9 [7.69%]
    1. ban on political office
    2. Would be more irate if it was public funds, not campaign $.
    3. To much corruption in government it seems to draw crooks and swindlers.
    4. Should have been barred from future public office or city positions
    5. not all but too many. it makes me sad
    6. hang her high -Sarge
    7. Prison time+ 22K settlement + all prosecution costs!
    8. who cares?
    9. foolishly trying to project the image that the elected position is great
  7. She could’ve gotten away with it, but she foolishly resigned and admitted guilt 3 [2.56%]
  8. Rookie political mistake 3 [2.56%]
  9. No big deal, small potatoes 2 [1.71%]
  10. Youthful indiscretion 1 [0.85%]
  11. Unsure 0 [0%]

Not everyone picked two answers.  The number of participants was less than usual and one response (“who cares?”) sums up the apathy that allows corruption to exist.

I personally felt at least some of the money should go to projects in the 6th ward because it was these voters that Triplett deceived. I was a 6th ward voter in 2011, but I voted for her opponent in the primary (ok, against her). I was turned off by her constant “praise Jesus” demeanor.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. guest says:

    She still praisesJesus. In fact, didn’t she invoke the name of the Lord in her written apology?

    • She was being humble, here’s how she concluded her apology:

      “I am not yet sure what God and the future holds for me, but I know the first step is to admit what I have done and to no longer keep things in the dark.

      Again, I am deeply sorry for my actions, ask for your forgiveness, and welcome your prayers and continued friendship.”

  2. Hurtful Truth says:

    Apathy, no. Weariness, yes. Is is any wonder that North St. Louis continues to struggle when black leaders in the community continually get busted for ethics violations — Triplett, Bosley Sr., TD El-Amin?

  3. Sgt Stadanko says:

    religion has no place in politics. she should stick a sock in it & get out her checkbook. over & out, Sarge


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