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Mixed-Use Building with a Trader Joe’s Coming to Grand & Lindell Corner

April 1, 2014 Featured, Midtown, Public Transit 16 Comments

NOTE: this was an April Fool’s joke, enjoy…

A proposed 6-story apartment building with a ground-floor Trader Joe’s grocery store will be announced today for the northeast corner of Grand & Lindell, temporarily the site of the Ellen Clark Sculpture Park.

ABOVE: The once vibrant urban street corner is now a passive hole in the city
This sculpture park was just a way to hold the land until the right project came along

The announcement will be made today at 4pm; speakers will include William R. Kauffman, J.D., Interim President of Saint Louis University, incoming President Fred P. Pestello, Trader Joe’s VP of real estate Brandt Sharrock, Vince Schoemehl of Grand Center, and Steve Smith of the Lawrence Group, the architects & developers of the project.

Artist rendering of proposed mixed-use building
Artist rendering of proposed mixed-use building

Excellent public transit is said to be a factor for this project moving forward now, citing the busiest MetoBus line on Grand, the #70, and the proposed St. Louis Streetcar on Lindell. Other factors include the new Whole Foods going into the ground floor of an apartment building at Euclid and Pine. Like that building, this new building will have underground parking, including some for Trader Joe’s customers.

It’ll be so nice having a Trader Joe’s so close to downtown!

— Steve Patterson


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  1. Mark says:

    I am all for this has going out to Brentwood sucks. The Brentwood location is poorly designed for store and parking access and the stores our always over crowded. It will be nice to be able to stay closer to downtown.

  2. Steven Scott says:

    Very nice! But, this is an April Fool’s joke, isn’t it?

  3. Tom of the Missouri says:

    I hope it is not an April Fools joke. This might mean that the new SLU president was selected in part because he plans to keep up the Biondi midtown development effort. As a property owner in the area, I have feared that all of Biondi’s efforts would cease. Steve Smith’s involvement is of course a great plus. Now there is a developer that knows how to design things. I love his little hotel the Ignacio nearby this new development..

  4. MikeK says:

    Please at least specify if this is an April Fool’s joke as did Alex on the Chesterfield Ikea hoax.

    • The post has always had the tag “April Fool’s”

    • I disagree entirely, Mike. The whole point of April Fool’s Day is to see how fully and effectively you can, you know, fool someone. Just laying out that it’s fake at the beginning or end kind of defeats the purpose of the con.

      More power to you, Steve, for putting together a story that’s so tantalizingly close to reality — and in your standard writing style, replete with cross-links — that it makes people want to believe it. This has been the best one I’ve seen today (besides Schlafly’s always hilarious 04/01 videos)

      I’d take the tag off, Steve, and let anyone else who can’t put two and two together perpetuate the charade for you. Who knows — maybe the mis-truth will work its way up the ladder and someone in power will make it a reality!

  5. samizdat says:

    What’s the date again?

  6. joseph says:

    if this is an April fools joke, it loses it’s humor because 1- this internet story is linked to a stltoday.com which aims for somewhat legitimate news, and 2 – this is currently purported as being real with no indication that it is fake which then is a negative association for stltoday.com, because it is linked to their site, so the humor is lost.

  7. Eric Thoelke says:

    Not funny. Damn. I’m ignoring the web for the rest of the day today.

  8. This post makes me incredibly sad, mainly because that’s EXACTLY the type of development that could/should do well there. Popular transit route. Check. A well-traveled portion of an urban campus. Check. Closest competition? Schnucks, about a mile up Lindell.

    Steve, your post immediately brought to mind the bustling Dominick’s grocery store, right smack dab in the heart of Chicago’s DePaul at Fullerton. It’s an important east-west route, surrounded by campus buildings and residential, and a stone’s throw away from the Red/Brown/Purple lines. And it even has several levels of rentals above it…look!

    • John R says:

      Kevin, I don’t know if the population and overall demographics are solid enough yet for Trader Joe’s desires, but I do think a small grocery could do well here as part of a mixed-use development… a small version of WashU’s Loop development if you will. It will also be nice to see residents move in to the Missouri Theater Building next year and hopefully some new construction after that!


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