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Over Three-Fourths of Readers Have a Christmas Tree

December 24, 2013 Environment, Featured, Popular Culture 1 Comment
An aluminum tree at a friend's house
An aluminum tree at a friend’s house

More than three quarters of readers that responded to the poll last week have a tree this year:

Q: Does/Will your household have a Christmas Tree? If so, what type?

  1. Yes, artificial, green 27 [26.21%]
  2. No, no tree 24 23.3% [23.3%]
  3. Yes, cut from lot 22 [21.36%]
  4. Yes, artificial pre-lit, green 15 [14.56%]
  5. Yes, artificial pre-lit, white/color 6 [5.83%]
  6. Yes, artificial, white/color 3 [2.91%]
  7. Yes, cut it ourselves 3 [2.91%]
  8. Yes, living – will plant it after the 25th 2 [1.94%]
  9. Yes, other type not listed 1 [0.97%]
  10. Yes, aluminum w/light wheel 0 [0%]
  11. Unsure 0 [0%]

For those of you with cut trees you can recycle them, if you live in the city here’s the information accessed on Monday December 23, 20213:

Overview City residents can take the bare tree to one of three city parks to be recycled. Christmas tree recycling is available at the following three city parks:

  • O’Fallon
  • Carondelet
  • Forest Park

Preparation Remove ornaments, tinsel, lights and tree stand. Do not put the tree in a plastic bag or cover it. Wreaths and pine roping are not accepted at the sites. Instructions Trees can be dropped off at the following three park locations:

  • Forest Park, Lower Muny Opera parking lot
  • O’Fallon Park, West Florissant and Holly, picnic grounds #4
  • Carondelet Park, Grand and Holly Hills, area between gate & recycling containers

Drop-off dates Trees are accepted at these park sites after Christmas through the third week of January. 2012 dates are from Dec. 27, 2012 through Jan. 11, 2013. Trees may be dropped off at these locations at anytime. Fees No fees apply What to Expect Trees will be recycled into mulch, which will be made available to City residents.

I assume they’ll be doing this again this year, hopefully updating the website information will get updated.   No post tomorrow, I’m going to take a day off.

Enjoy the holiday, see you again on the 26th!

— Steve Patterson


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