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Board of Education Power House

February 23, 2013 Education, Featured, North City 3 Comments

Decades ago basic industrial buildings had a sense a sense of design I find very appealing today. For example, the Board of Education Power House at 3614 School Dr:

ABOVE: While not the most ornate building, it has a distinctive look.
ABOVE: I’m a huge fan of steel industrial windows
ABOVE: The sign & entry, even rusted, is visually appealing
ABOVE: I like easily knowing the date a building was built

This makes me wonder if people 80+ years from now will find our current industrial structures charming. Doubtful.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. GMichaud says:

    At one time there were many independent power houses, to me the real question is whether whether or not decentralized power delivery is the correct way to proceed in the current energy environment. This ignores the desire of a a single corporate monopoly to control everything, including prices.
    Politics and money grabbing aside, from pure energy delivery considerations, decentralization of energy may be the best solution for mankind going forward.

  2. eric2342 says:

    From a previous post – “Narrowing The List of Mid-Century Modernism” – yes, people will find anything charming if you wait long enough.


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