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Readers: Lawrence Biondi & Robert Archibald Should Both Resign Their Positions

November 14, 2012 SLU No Comments

Saint Louis University President Lawrence Biondi and Missouri History Museum President Robert Archibald, each involved in unrelated controversies, should resign their positions according to nearly 60% of the readers who voted in the poll last week:

SLU Pres L. Biondi

Q: Should Biondi or Archibald Resign their positions?

  1. Both should resign: 219 [59.51%]
  2. Biondi yes, Archibald no: 93 [25.27%]
  3. Archibald yes, Biondi no: 30 [8.15%]
  4. Nether should resign: 19 [5.16%]
  5. Unsure/no opinion: 7 [1.9%]

For the backstory see the post introducing the poll here.

Biondi is clearly disliked more than Archibald with a quarter saying he should resign but Archibald shouldn’t. I agree with the majority, both need to step down immediately. Unfortunately their egos won’t allow them to do what is best for each institution.

With 368 responses, this was the most popular weekly poll this year.

— Steve Patterson


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