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August 7 Primary: Contested City Seats

June 19, 2012 Featured, Politics/Policy 6 Comments
ABOVE: Former offices of the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners

August 7th is the Missouri primary election. Voters will be selecting their party’s candidate for various state offices that day. But locally we’ll also be be selecting candidates for our party to face an opponent in other parties in the November general election. The reality is locally the winner of the Democratic primary rarely faces an opponent from another party in the General election. This year there will be a few races not finalized until November.

Uncontested: Circuit Attorney, Public Administrator, various committeeman and committeewoman positions within the Democrat, Green & Republican parties. The complete list of candidates can be found here:



  • Vernon Betts faces incumbent James W. (Jim) Murphy and David (DA) Mosley.
  • The winner in the Democratic primary will face Republican Robert V. Sternberg on November 6th


Committeeman & Committeewoman:

Ward 1/Democratic:

  • Committeeman: Sterling Samuel Miller vs Azim Azid
  • Committeewoman: Sharon Tyus vs Althea (Haywood) Harris

Ward 2/Democratic:

  • Committeeman: 4-way race between Larry Middlebrook, David (DA) Mosley, Terrance “Terry” Buchanan, and John Saxton

Ward 3/Democratic:

  • Committeeman: 3-way race between Johnnie Saddler, Calvin L. Garner, and Anthony Bell

Ward 4/Democratic:

  • Committeeman: Edward McFowland vs Offong R. Ahmed
  • Committeewoman: Tina Sparkling vs Norma Leggette

Ward 5/Democratic:

  • Committeewoman: Penny V. Hubbard vs. Tonya Finley

Ward 6:

  • Democratic Committeeman: John Maxwell vs Damon A. Jones
  • Republican Committeeman: John L. Hubb vs Matthew Hanses

Ward 8/Republican

  • Committeeman: Michael A. “Mike” Chance vs Robert J. Shelli

Ward 9/Republican

  • Committeeman: Daniel Morgan vs Christopher W. Rowley

Ward 15/Republican

  • Committeeman: Michael W. Huett vs Nicholas Willard

Ward 16/Republican

  • Committeeman: Jake Koehr vs. Frederick A. Hodes

Ward 21/Democratic:

  • Committeeman: Kerry D. Wilson vs Michael Watson
  • Committeewoman: Jamilah Nasheed vs. Audrey Larkin

Ward 22:

  • Green Committeeman: Don DeVivo vs Barry Watkins
  • Democratic Committeeman: Nora “Tumaini” Neal vs Angela D. Miles

Ward 26/Democratic:

  • Committeewoman: Kay Ross Gage vs Shameem Hubbard

Currently there are "6 comments" on this Article:

  1. Will Fru says:

    Are there seriously separate offices for committeeman and committeewoman in each ward?

    • aaronlevi says:

       ridiculous, huh? why don’t we go ahead and have separate white and black offices as well.

  2. Rick says:

    Yeah, and there are probably a lot of vacant Republican committee seats!

  3. aaronlevi says:

    and what exactly do these committee people do? 

    • msrdls says:

      Committee people are unpaid. All are elected by their constituency.   Most of them are wanna-be alderpersons who don’t have the organizational skills to initially put together a campaign, or to follow up with tasks on a large-scale, as would be expected of an alderperson. Some are relatives of reigning alderpersons, or former alderpersons. They’re like “elves”–Santa’s helpers. Most would love to be high-ranking elected officials, but that’s unlikely to ever happen.  They campaign for alderpersons at election time, and they organize ward meetings, begging beer and refreshments from local businesses (in exchange for…?), and they’re in charge of cleanup after the meetings. If anyone needs a ride to the polls, it’s up to the committee person to either arrange for or provide  the ride.

      • Very good description but you forgot they help to discourage anyone from running against the current alderman if they are buddies or work to undermine the current aldermen if they are foes.


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