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KMOV Confused About Downtown’s Borders, Location Of Shooting

November 23, 2010 Media, North City 12 Comments

CBS affiliate KMOV seems confused about the borders of downtown as well as the location of a shooting yesterday.

ABOVE: Screen shot of KMOV story, click to view article

The casual reader would think downtown St. Louis is unsafe.  But the article says the victim was leaving a gas station at 8800 Broadway.  8800 Broadway  – north & south — is over 7 miles from downtown.  The map they show with their article shows 8800 South Broadway but it says the victim hit a house on Riverview so the shooting had to happen at 8800 North Broadway. Granted downtown is between these two points but it would be nice if the media understood that downtown doesn’t extend south of Chouteau, north of Cass or west of Jefferson. The CBD (Central Business District) is even smaller.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. I've found that the local media is often confused about the division between north and south as well. Any crime committed in the city is almost always credited to the north side, whether it really happened there or not.

  2. Salvdr says:

    bravo. hence our stupid skewed statistics and notoriety world-wide as number 1 murder capial of the world.

  3. Tysonmutrux says:

    Lets be honest. The media has nothing to do with the crime studies. KMOV screwed up, but this city still isn't safe. Try going outside the confines of metro St. Louis and you will realize the stark contrasts between the Gateway to the West and an actual safe city.

  4. DB says:

    I've noticed a lot of suburban/exurban St. Louisans refer the entire city as “downtown.” Last week I was on a flight and witnessed a hilarious conversation between two 20-somethings. The female asked the male where he lived. He responded “St. Charles.” She asked, “Ugh, why the hell do you live way out there?” The female then indicated she lived downtown. The St. Charles male responded, “Oh that's cool, what, like in Soulard or something?” The female sharply quipped, “No I live downtown. There is no other name for it.”

    I'm still laughing about it…

    • Anonymous says:

      As someone born and raised in the county, I can confirm that many people consider the entire St Louis City to be “downtown”.

  5. Chris Grus says:

    Hey, geography & cartography isn't a required course in Journalism school.

  6. StLRealEstateGuy says:

    Anyone remotely familier with “downtown” might know its not possible to find a gas station on Broadway. News is another form of entertainment to fill the gap between prime-time and Letterman.

  7. JZ71 says:

    This is what you get when you trust computers – garbage in, garbage out! Real journalism, especially locally, is a dying artform, as apparently, is a basic understanding of local geography.

  8. aaronlevi says:

    and there are realtors who still refer to the Marine Villa Neighbohood as “Benton Park South”

  9. Mark says:

    The news always does things like this and this was not a mistake. Trust me I know. If you notice the news mostly reports all of its crime from the city only (mostly north saint louis) and if it didn't happen in north saint louis they will try to make it like it did. I always lived in the city but went to school in the county and thats when I found out the most of the same crap goes on everywhere!

    But we always only hear about north saint louis and north county. I wonder why


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