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PR: French Hosts 3rd Annual Halloween “Safe Zones” for Kids in North St. Louis

October 29, 2010 North City, Press Release 2 Comments
The following is a press release:
(ST. LOUIS) — This weekend, Alderman Antonio French (21st Ward) will be hosting a Halloween “Safe Zones” for kids in north St. Louis. This is the third year French has sponsored the event.

Each year, several blocks throughout the ward are set up as “safe zones” where streets are blocked off and police patrol to ensure a safe place for kids to trick-or-treat. Residents on the “safe zone” blocks decorate their yards, dress up in costumes, and pass out candy supplied by Alderman French. Kids come from all over the area to participate.

“Halloween is a tradition that children look forward to all over the nation,” said Alderman French. “Creating ‘safe zones’ allows our kids to participate without fear. It’s great to see kids out after dark trick-or-treating just like we used to when we were younger. I’m proud to host an event which highlights the sense of community that continues to thrive in north St. Louis.”

Alderman French is also hosting a new event this year — pumpkin carving for kids at the newly renovated O’Fallon Park Boathouse.

Pumpkin Carving
Saturday, October 30th
Noon to 2:00PM

Sunday, October 31
6:00 to 9:00PM
4400-4500 blocks of Holly & Athlone
4700 blocks of Lee & Kossuth

To donate to these events or to volunteer, call the 21st Ward TMAP Office at 769-9000.


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  1. Toomanysteps says:

    It's a shame that we have to resort to this.

    • Tpekren says:

      I agree, but it is also how you bring back a community in my opinion. Ignoring kids who don't have the opportunity that I had growing up or my own kids would be even more shameful.


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