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The skate park under the Kingshighway bridge

July 17, 2010 Popular Culture, South City 7 Comments

The Kingshighway bridge over the railroad track (South of I-44) is falling apart.  But directly underneath the crumbling bridge something interesting is evolving.

ABOVE: skate park under the Kingshighway bridge

A skate park is being developed in the space under the South section.  I love the idea of putting this space to use but this is no substitute for a well designed skate park where there are lights, restrooms, water and seating.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. samizdat says:

    Considering that this viaduct is slated for replacement, seems a bit premature of the skaterboys to have begun this project. But hey, knock yourselves out, fellas.

  2. JZ71 says:

    Government moves at a glacial pace. Most boarders are young and impatient. Add in the reality that STL has limited resources for any new projects, and the choice becomes wait 10-20 years for the government to catch up or do it yourself. I give the city props for letting this happen. Urban life is messy, this is messy, but it works, the neighbors support it and it's happening now – that's a win-win in my book . . .

  3. R Reilly says:

    I go thru there a lot to take pictures, etc… this is, to me, very organic, spontaneous use of an ignored space by a relatively ignored segment of the neighborhood. Just think its kind of cool and I applaud the initiative of the creators. Now there is a skate park at the Y on the Hill, but not everyone can be a member…

  4. aaronlevi says:

    the guerilla skate park has been there for several years. skateboarding was never intended to become the corporate machine that it has become, this is the way ALL skate parks should be built. for a real good example of a long standing guerilla park, check out burnside in portland (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burnside_Skatepark). Burnside was originally built “illegally” but has since been sanctioned by the city, what's the chance of St. Louis doing this for the kingshighway pakr?

    DIY or Die, up the punx!!!!!

  5. Fluffer says:

    This is not new. It's been here for a while now.

  6. Brownderrick98 says:

    i be doing here all the time imma start back going thou


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