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Readers: public bodies should stick to business at hand, skip opening prayers

June 29, 2010 Politics/Policy, Religion 2 Comments

I was pleasantly surprised by the results of the poll last week with more than twice as many saying prayer should be private as opposed to those that want to encourage prayer in public (government) meetings.  Add in those that don’t care and those that are OK with a moment of silence and it is clear this small sample would prefer to have public meetings without prayer on the agenda.

  1. Prayer should be private, public meetings is not the right place 79 [43.17%]
  2. Prayer at public meetings should be encouraged, not restricted 38 [20.77%]
  3. Don’t care either way 29 [15.85%]
  4. A moment of silence is ok but anything else is going too far 24 [13.11%]
  5. Mentioning God is ok, but not Jesus 10 [5.46%]
  6. Other answer… 3 [1.64%]

The three “other” answers submitted were:

  1. Religion and politics should never mix…NEVER
  2. Prayer at public meetings should be neither encouraged or restricted
  3. replace prayer with the pledge of allegiance, like other places do

As I said last week I will strongly defend your right to believe as you wish but to have that forced upon everyone attending a public meeting is anti-American.  Do the government business in one building and your personal religion of choice in your office, church, hallway, restroom or quietly by yourself — just keep it off the official agenda.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Ryley says:

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the results of the poll last week as well. Removing religion from politics would do this country a great service.


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