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Fotbal has a long history in St. Louis

June 11, 2010 Downtown, Events/Meetings, Media, Parks 12 Comments

I am not a sports fan but I do like seeing the occasional baseball game in person.  But I don’t like football. I am, however, taking an interest in fotbal.  My interest first started four years ago when I was traveling in Toronto during the final match of the World Cup.

ABOVE: Toronto July 2006
ABOVE: Toronto July 9, 2006

The fans were everywhere displaying flags for their team.  The city went crazy.  I’ve since watched a few games on TV but not yet in person — but soon.  Tonight I will be at the Old Post Office Plaza to watch a free showing of The Game of Their Lives:

“The film details the true story of the 1950 US soccer team which, against all odds, beat England 1-0 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil during the World Cup. The story is about the family traditions and passions that shaped the players who made up this team of underdogs. One group of teammates were from The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. Another group came from the Corky Row district of Fall River, Massachusetts.”  (Wikipedia)

That is a great legacy!



The movie is free and should start around 9pm.  Bring food and a chair.  The Old Post Office Plaza is located on the north side of Locust St between 8th and 9th.

Much of the filming was done in Marquette Park (Compton & Gasconade).

ABOVE: Marquette Park in St. Louis.  Source: Google Streetview
ABOVE: Marquette Park in St. Louis. Source: Google Streetview

On the weekends local groups can be seen here playing soccer. This is a great use of our many city parks.  St. Louis has long been a city of immigrants and what better way to bring together various groups than soccer?

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Awb says:

    Some of the filming took place downtown. The Board of Ed building had a sign put up on it to make it look like a hotel in New York. I'll have to watch it again.

  2. John Regenbogen says:

    I had a similar Canadian fotball experience to yours, Steve. We took a wonderful trip to Montreal in the summer of 1998 at the same time as the world cup finals, and of course France was in the finals… talk about an excitied city!

  3. Herbie says:

    Is there any particular reason why you are using the Romanian/Czech spelling of the word?

  4. Douglas Duckworth says:

    Are we allowed to bring beer or do they sell it?

  5. I Have The Answer says:

    Steve, it's “football”, not “fotbol” or “futbol”. If you're going to refer to as “futbol”, you might as well wear a shirt that says “I'm a dbag”.

    If you want to distinguish, call the two sports “football” and “American football”. Or, more accurately, “throwball”.

    • aaronlevi says:

      or honestly “soccer” works fine. i'm a avid fan and coach, and i don't see the fuss. Soccer is actually a british term. at a time when there were no set rules for football, there were 2 styles coming about. one was referred to as rugby rules football, the other soccer rules football. for whatever reason, they word “soccer” ceased in England, but continued when the sport was brought over to the U.S. and Canada.

      to me, insisting on using “football” when you live in the U.S. is just as douchy as “futbol”.

  6. I Have The Answer says:

    Regarding “The Game of Their Lives”, well…..sadly it wasn't very good. That it was made by the same people who made “Rudy” should have been the first clue.

  7. aaronlevi says:

    one of the characters from the movie, harry keogh, still lives in the st. louis area. up until a few years ago, he was still working as a referee for st. louis high school games. not the best official, a little past his prime, but my players always knew not to question a single call he made. they're respectful of all refs, but they knew that Mr. Keough was a legend, and hence had an extra level of respect for him.

    • I Have The Answer says:

      Frank Borghi also still lives here. Walter Bahr lives in Pennsylvania. John Souza is the final survivor, not sure where he lives.

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