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Mapping Loop & Cherokee restaurant districts

March 25, 2010 Popular Culture 4 Comments

I’ve long been a fan of UrbanSpoon.com and their iPhone app for finding restaurants. Listings are based on location and when you find a place it shows you others nearby. I’ve rated over 125 restaurants and added 14.  I’ve got a very long wish list of restaurants to try. Other sites like Yelp exist but I really like UrbanSpoon.

But one thing really bugged me – how they grouped the restaurants.  Restaurants on Cherokee near Jefferson were grouped in “South Grand” and Pi on Delmar in St. Louis was in “University City.”  Trying to see a list of restaurants in either area was impossible because they were mixed with others.  But now it has changed.

Delmar Loop is now it’s own area as is Cherokee:

This change came about because I contacted them and worked with their mapping software to create these two areas.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    Their definition of both South and St. Louis Hills are pretty broad, as well – I'd put Onesto in St. Louis Hills and Eddies Southtown Donuts in South City. Part of the challenge is that neighborhoods have fuzzy boundaries – ask five people and you'll get five, or more, different answers. And if you're not familiar with the local vernacular (Dogtown, the Hill, CWE) and they're not on most maps, categories can be meaningless for many users. Finally, it's interesting that the Delmar Loop is only listed under St. Louis County (it's looks like a third of the restaurants are east of Skinker, in the city), and that it's alphabetized under T, not D. Still, a good addition/improvement – kudo's to you!

  2. Pam says:

    Great. Now I'm hungry…

  3. Angelo says:

    We greatly appreciate it too, Steve!

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