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Spring Break By Multiple Modes

March 17, 2009 Public Transit, Travel 4 Comments

Last night I returned from a 9-day Spring Break to the Pacific northwest. Specifically, Seattle & Portland.

At home I can drive thanks to a couple of minor modifications (steering wheel knob & turn signal lever) that permit me to drive with only my right hand.  Last August I drove to Oklahoma to visit family for a brief weekend visit.

But in flying to Seattle I knew driving would not be an option for me.  While many trips during my visit did involve private vehicles, I still managed a few other modes.  I took a bus to downtown Seattle, rode Seattle’s new streetcar loop in the South Lake Union area, rode two ferries, and rode Portland’s streetcar loop. I typically take transit or walk when traveling. Before my stroke I’d walk considerable distances in strange cities as well.

I saw a lot in both cities and future posts will share my observations and photos.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Margie says:

    Welcome back Steve!

  2. Todd says:

    I’m a Portland native who just found your blog. I’ll be moving to St. Louis this summer, so I’m curious to see what you thought of the Pacific Northwest.

    St. Louis has a leg up on Seattle when it comes to having a rail connection between downtown and the airport, though light rail to the Seattle airport will open soon.

  3. John Daly says:

    Did you get the last hard-copy edition of the Seattle PI newspaper?

  4. Kris7 says:

    That’s what I was curious about, John Daly.

    146 years…it’s sad.

    Working hard at http://www.sccworlds.com

  5. Dustin Bopp says:

    Welcome to St. Louis, Todd. You’ll find there is a lot to love here. I have been to Portland several times. One of my best friends lives there so I get there as often as I can. Most recently, last summer we did Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria. Did the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, wineries, the coast — all stunning. Nothing beats the Pacific Northwest in August. It’s the only time of year I have been there. I can’t bring myself to go most of the rest of the year. Portland has so much going for it ideologically and topographically but months at a time of drizzle is just something I couldn’t live with.
    This site often focuses on the shortcomings of our fine city and region. This is a good thing. It is only because of our tremendous potential that so many people care and work so hard to make it the kind of place that you as a Portlander may take for granted. Peruse the archives here and you will get a good sense of the challenges and triumphs of St. Louis.


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