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Mayor Slay, Geisman, & Rainford To Be Deposed in Century Case

February 19, 2009 Century Building 4 Comments

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, Deputy Mayor Barb Geisman and chief of staff (now campaign manager) Jeff Rainford have all been served subpoenas to be deposed in Century case against my friends Roger Plackemier & Marcia Behrendt.

Plackemeier & Behrendt have been accused of “malicious prosecution” over their previous legal challenges to the Old Post Office redevelopment project, which included preventing the historic Century Building from being razed and replaced by a parking garage.  The deposition date is February 27th.  The lawsuit,  first filed on April 19, 2005, will begin over four years later on Monday April 27, 2009.

I personally believe the case to be a SLAPP suit (strategic lawsuit against public participation, see Wikepidia).  Slay, Geisman & Rainford will be questioned about the withdrawal of an alternative plan for the redevelopment of the Syndicate Trust/Century Building by a development team that included Craig Heller and Kevin McGowan.  Heller was later able to obtain and renovate the Syndicate Trust.

Both sides will be presenting motions before the court this morning at 9am.  See all my Century Building related posts dating back to 2004 here.


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  1. William Kruse says:

    Keep us informed on this. Access to the courts is a major cornerstone of our democratic system of government. I hope people don’t take lightly what is going on. Retaliatory suits against citizens for seeking redress in the courts should not be allowed.

  2. 41Lee says:

    The ward list of support is growing for Slay. 5th(?). I think I need my eyes checked. How did that happen?

  3. Margie says:

    I hope to see a full public airing of the actions of Rainford, Geisman, Slay, Callow, Stogel and the participating bankers who colluded with them against developers Heller, McGowan and Bates in 2002. These depositions should be very interesting.


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