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I Walked To Lunch Today

July 10, 2008 Downtown, Steve Patterson 8 Comments

Walking downtown is one of the things I’ve missed since returning home after my three months in the hospital following my stroke on Feb 1st.  The electric wheelchair is great but there is just something different about getting somewhere only using your own power.  Walking & bicycling are the two ways to enjoy this great feeling and up to now both had been taken away from me.

I’d been practicing walking around the block in the evenings but today I walked the farthest I have since my stroke, roughly 4/10ths of a mile to a luncheon at Lucas Park Grille.

That fraction under a half mile took me 40 minutes.  Ditto for the walk back. Getting back my urban life of walking, bicycling and scooting is a great motivator.    Despite the heat and the slowness of my pace it felt great to walk to a destination.  Next time perhaps Bridge & Tunnel Pizza at Tucker?  After that dinner at Mosaic or Kitchen K, both at 10th & Washington Ave.


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  1. Colleen says:

    Fabulous! Very impressive 🙂

  2. john w. says:

    I love Kitchen K, Mosaic, and the 10th Street Bistro. I would like to try Rooster, and maybe I’ll see you walking there sometime soon.

  3. adam says:

    Nice to see you getting around steve!

  4. Jim H. says:

    Good news, Steve. Happy to hear it. Keep it up and maybe you’ll be running over to Copia for the Grand Opening in the fall 🙂

  5. AMYalcin says:

    Hi, Steve

    I’m glad you’re doing better! I love your blog – do you twitter any?

  6. Kevin says:

    Thats great. Let me know when you are ready for the challenge of pushing a stroller and you can have some real fun.

    [slp— A stroller, like a shopping cart, is helpful for balance — helping by replacing the cane.  The stroller stuff I don’t mind and find it rather fun.  I’ll pass on diaper duty though.] 

  7. Jesda says:

    Wow, you were literally a stone’s throw away from where I work.

  8. Jim Zavist says:

    No fair throwing stones! 😉


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