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My Top Ten Videos on YouTube

June 30, 2008 Media, Site Info 1 Comment

I’ve posted over 60 videos on YouTube over the last couple of years. This pales in comparison to my friend Antonio French over at pubdef.net but still not bad. So, in looking at the number of viewings of each I decided to do a lame top ten list:

#10 Gateway Cup 2007: 723 viewings — a compilation from four days of bike racing last Labor Day weekend:

#9 valet cones in bike lane: 758 viewings — one establishment on Olive decides their valet service is more important than the bike lane:

#8 Poor Pedestrian Signals: 768 viewings — SLU and the city make crossing Vandeventer on foot a challenge:

#7 smart card tech 923 viewings— Metro engineer explains smart card technology, note audio is note in sync with the video:

#6 St Louis Arches: 1,029 viewings —talented youth riding unicycles and performing other stunts:

#5 Arriving Brentwood station: 1,215 viewings — from the opening of the Shrewsbury MetroLink line in 2006:

#4 Arriving Shrewsbury 1,225 viewings — also from the opening of the Shrewsbury MetroLink line in 2006

#3 Ballpark Village Announcement: 1,303 viewings – The announcement about Ballpark Village and the unveiling of a fancy model:


#3 Shrewsbury Station: 1,503 viewings — New MetroLink light rail trains being pushed into the Shrewsbury Station before the line opened:

#2 Hamilton Blocks Sidewalk: 1,623 viewings — Insider at City Hall parks on the sidewalk with ‘official business’ placard on dash, denies blocking sidewalk when caught on camera (original post):

#1 Cardinals World Series Champs: 14,188 viewings — the fireworks and excitement following the Cardinals victory:



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  1. Your famous confrontation with the owner of Copia didn’t make the Top 10!? I’m amazed!


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