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Urban Review Voted Best Blog, Michael Allen Named Best Gadfly

September 26, 2007 Media, Site Info 9 Comments

The ballots are in & counted and the Rivertfront Times’ annual Best of St. Louis issue is out on the streets. This year the RFT editors named ‘From the Mayor’s Desk as their pick for best blog. For the second year in a row, RFT readers voted UrbanReviewSTL the best blog in St. Louis. Three years ago, in a new category, the RFT named UrbanReviewSTL the “Best Civic-Minded Blog.” To everyone that took time to vote for UrbanReviewSTL in the poll this year — Thank You! Thank you to my guest writers and everyone that takes time to comment on the various topics. Your voice — even when disagreeing with mine — is an important part of the dialog that takes place daily in this corner of the blogosphere.
Last year the RFT editors named me “Best Gadfly” with the honor this year deservedly going to Michael Allen of the Ecology of Absence for his digging on the Blairmont/Paul McKee/Tax Credit issue in North St. Louis. Congrats Michael.

Again I want to thank everyone that voted — it is a real honor. I also appreciate all the emails I receive from the many readers here. I just reviewed the hundreds of such emails I have received just this year and pulled out a partial selection that is representative of the type I receive. For privacy purposes, I have deleted some information so as not to identify those emailing me. A few are from the same person but most are from separate persons.

“I have been reading your blog for some months now, and love what you are doing for our city. I live in [suburb name deleted], but I am very interested in city architecture and design. As I am the mother of two young children, and push a wide double stroller, I love to see people being forced to look at sidewalk issues.” – S

“I read your blog about running for office. Is there a standard location for running for office? and all you must do? is it better to run as an independent or as a green party candidate or democrat? locally, I think I would prefer independent or green party candidate, but party affiliation might be helpful. I would like more information.” – R

“Thanks for your great website, and sorry for the long-winded e-mail!” – B [SLP: it wasn’t long at all]

“Would you go over and visit the people at Harry’s on Market St. regarding the Valet parking issue? In spite of the fact that they have an off street parking lot, they still block so much of their street that you have to walk a ways to the restaurant in the evening even when nobody is there. Thanks for dealing with Washington Ave. I couldn’t believe the number of places that had been co-opted by the valets even on slow nights.” – T

“I heard your KDHX interview tonight and I was impressed. Calm, well-informed, thoughtful!” – T

“We have been trying to collect information on other development that is planned or in the works in the area but have been met with a wall of silence. Any contact information and/or knowledge of development would be greatly appreciated.” – A

“Thanks a lot and I love what you are doing. Your exposure within the city has increased dramatically this year. I’ve see 3 news stories with you in it, in just January alone. Keep up the good work and I look forward to what else you will do for St. Louis!” – A

“Thanks for everything you do for St. Louis. We’re lucky to have you.” – W

“I’ve been a fan of your site for quite a while. It’s interesting to see the things you’ve taken on. It’s also nice to see your investigative journalism skills. Keep it up.” – A

“I want to let you know that I have learned so much from your website. Thanks for educating the masses.” – D — “I think your site does a great service for st louis and is a valuable resource.” – F

“Steve, I have heard many good things about your website and your ability to get things done in the city. I would like to run some stuff by you and am not really comfortable doing it online. [deleted] said he has talked to you in person and I am wondering if you would be willing to meet with me at sometime? I am at a loss as to who to go to with some city issues–one of the reasons I have to be careful is because I work for the city.” – [initial withheld just to be safe]

“Keep up the good work. I find that people I talk with, love Stl, and don’t really see how we can do things better. I love how you show we can do things better.” – D

“We read your blog quite regularly and in living in the city it really has changed our mindset in terms of issues which I now realize greatly affect me and my community. Thanks for your continued writing as all those that I have referred to your blog have sincerely enjoyed its postings.” – R

“Cities need more folks like you. So first and foremost, thanks for your insight and civic spirit.” – E

“By the way, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all your work.” – H

“Also, just wanted to say I have been reading Urban Review for 1.5 years now. You have really made me think about urban issues and made me miss my home town.” – M

“Hey Steve, keep up the muckraking.” – A

“Great blog. I grew up in St. Louis but have lived in Chicago for the last ten years. We are now moving back home to St. Louis in a few months, albeit with mixed feelings. It is nice to see someone that cares about St. Louis and its development.” – B

“Just wanted to let you know I really like the new calender function.” – S

“Steve, thank you so much for coming today to the BoA meeting about 3557/59 Halliday.” – B

“Enjoyed reading your blog. I noticed we have a lot in common. I am currently looking to attend grad school at SLU.” – A

“I’m a casual reader of urbanreviewstl; I check on it about once a month. I generally like the work you’re doing here, tho I may not agree with everything. Just most things :-)” – M

“Just wanted to thank you. My hobby, believe it or not, is urban exploration. I love cities and I had just gotten an announcement from Frontier Airlines that they were adding Wichita to their flight paths. So, I thought, hmm. Wichita. Kansas. Dorothy. Glen Camp bell. Prairie. Dust. Dust in the Wind. Kansas.” – J

“Any updates on Loughborough Commons? How about the new homes being built near Robert Ave and Field? How about the casino that is to be built in south county? How about the shopping center that is planned on Weber Road? Metro Link in south St. Louis and south county? I love your web site, I read it nightly.” – W

“I think your blog is one of the coolest and hippest, while most up to date…asking all the right questions in Saint Louis. I know that you and I have spoken on various topics and we both know that we’re strong in our opinions. I appreciate talking with you about topics as many times it puts a new slant on the topic or I realize that my reasoning isn’t as strong as I originally thought. I know that you have a large following of readers, and I congratulate you for inciting discussion and thought on what is happening in the City.” – B

“Great blog you have here. I just visited my brother who lives in University City over the weekend and from what I saw of the STL metro area, I liked the area a lot. My wife and I are considering a relocation from the Chicago suburbs if we can ever sell our house up here and then get some jobs. I cam across your blog and found it very informative.” – E

“Thanks for keeping me so informed AND entertained!” – C

“I found your Blog through some random Google searches. I was happy to stumble onto it. I think it was the “Urban Review” language that first caught my eye.

I like your style…

My wife and I are moving to St. Louis as part of the big AG Edwards merger. We currently live in…” – T

And from a personal friend of mine that lives out of state:

“Hi … tis Friday afternoon … kind of bored at work … very quiet … so, take this as a compliment … I started reading your blog … you crack me up. Some of your writings and articles are funny. Thanks for the laughs today.” – E

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read UrbanReviewSTL, for commenting, for emailing and in general for giving a damn about the future of the city & region. The comments are open for your views if you care to share your thoughts. Peace, Steve


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  1. margie says:

    Congratulations Steve (and Michael!). Keep it up — you’re providing a much-needed conscience in St. Louis. Keep them honest, and when necessary, keep them on the run!

  2. Congrats Steve and Michael…You guys REALLY deserve this (hey Michael–you’re on quite a roll!) I don’t even read this crap but I KNOW they’re right!

  3. Jim Zavist says:

    Congratulations and thanks – it’s an incredible time investment on a daily basis, and you keep it both fresh and topical!

  4. john says:

    Congratulations and best wishes! Just remember, noted success should raise the performance bar and not lower it.

  5. 70grand says:

    Congratulations on a well deserved honor! As an adjunct, I teach a undergrad technology/information literacy course every semester at SLU’s COPS. I always use your blog as an example during the blogging unit. The Public Policy students usually say it’s already on their daily reading list.

  6. LisaS says:

    I’m beginning to feel almost mainstream. Four of my daily-read blogs–UR, EcoAbsence, Mayor Slay’s ghost-written organ (just to hear it from the source), and Mamalogues–all hit the Best of list.

    Great going, guys!! (and gal!)

  7. Dan Icolari says:

    Hey, Steve,

    Seems I’m not alone in feeling that life just wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose(s) of Urban Review StL. Honors richly deserved, by you and Michael. Congratulations, both!

  8. Anderson says:

    Michael R. Allen hardly does any work and is wrongfully given this title. He does more to improve his own situation than he does to help the community or reveal any information about quiet deals being done in the city. Ask his footmen what he has discovered on his own, and you will find that it is very little, if anything.

    [SLP — Well, I think all of us that are out there in the public eye know a few more details than we share publicly, I know I do. Do you have anything more substantial to back up your claim?] 

  9. Anthony Coffin says:

    Michael Allen has footmen? Now THAT is funny!


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