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Loughborough Commons Community Improvement District Meeting Today, 3pm.

lc_cid92007.jpgThe Board of Directors of the Loughborough Commons Community Improvement District are meeting later today at the downtown law firm of Greensfelder, Hemker and Gale, P.C.  This ‘CID’ was set up to use some of the tax revenues collected at Loughorough Commons to fund improvements.  It is a quasi governmental entity and therefore subject to open meetings laws.

At right is the public notice found today at City Hall, click to view PDF copy.


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  1. alternatives says:

    Now that sounds like a boring meeting. Present budget. Approve budget. Approve funds for trash removal, possible beefed up rent-a-cop patrols within CID boundary. Adjourn meeting.

    [SLP — Hopefully I can liven things up a bit.]

  2. stlmark says:

    Will this have anything to do with the planned Great Rivers Greenway train extension?

  3. wwspd says:

    If it’s a CID, they should have their 5-year plan and budget attached to the petition that created the district. You should review that because it will give you some insight as to what they might plan on doing and what they won’t consider/don’t have budgeted.

  4. Jim Zavist says:

    I was there today – I’m thinking Circuit City, based on the new yellow paint north of Schnuck’s . . .

  5. equals42 says:

    That agenda was a great example of how to say as little as possible. The titles of all the resolutions give no real indication of what they contain. My favorite was “rescinding certain prior resolutions and reinstating certain prior resolutions of the district”. Really? They’re going to reaffirm some of their prior decisions and evidently change their position from previous meetings. Fascinating. Could there maybe be an addendum to the agenda containing the actual text or description of these prior resolutions? When I had to write public agendas in California, we were required to make the agendas relate to the general public the essence of the items to be discussed and voted on.


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