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Media Literacy Week, Tonight’s Blogging Panel to be Streamed Live

June 27, 2007 Media, Site Info 8 Comments

As part of Media Literacy Education Week here in the St. Louis region, I will be participating in a blogging panel discussing the topic, “Why blog?”

Here is the official announcement:

“Why blog?” Info and advice from top St. Louis-area bloggers and web experts.  If you’ve ever wondered what this whole blogging thing is, now is your chance to ask the experts.  Or, if you’ve already got a blog online, learn from the professionals how to make connections on the web and increase the traffic to your site.  How can you earn an income from blogging?   What is the future of this type of interactive media?

Spellmann Center Leadership Room (4th floor), Lindenwood University, 209 South Kingshighway, St. Charles, MO 63301

Yes, it is way out in St. Charles — I’m carpooling with Dana Loesch to the event.  For those that don’t want to attend in person, you can watch via live streaming on your computer!  In fact, you can even email in questions to the panel during the event!

Click here for the streaming page (and email link for questions).   For more information on the Media Literacy Education Week visit the Gateway Media Literacy Partners.


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  1. southside skeptic says:

    In Dana Loesch, St. Louis has found its Peggy Hill, or maybe its Jean Teasdale, or both. Let us know if her command of the spoken word is as poor as her command of the written word.

  2. mamalogues fan says:

    People love to say negative things, so I’ll counter you SS. I enjoy the mamalogues quite a bit. Its local, young, and interesting, especially if you are a parent. Much more entertaining than anything else in the PD other than sports.

    Scott Granneman would have been another good local blog expert for the panel. I saw him give a talk at WU about blogging, RSS feeds, podcasting, etc.

  3. MattHurst says:

    beware the offer you have bestowed for questions, i might just take you on it. otherwise, i just wanted to make sure the blogging pannel starts @ 7 pm, right? because that’s a detail everyone here should know if attending or watching, since the stream is only active during the presentation.
    ps – mamalogues is well written enough. you know what program needs original, quality writting? King of the Hill. +2 commentary -5 quotability

  4. Dana says:

    Wow, it’s the same troll who’s been stalking me all over the internet comparing me to Peggy Hill and the Onion lady. Stalker! Now I feel totally legit. Awesome!

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Steve, thanks for the company. I hope that I did not scare you to death on the way home.

  5. southside skeptic says:

    SS: I’m also a young, local, parent. I’m just a young, local, parent who prefers good writing. You know, people with insightful things to say and interesting ways to say them.

    DL: Your welcome. Congratulations on making it through a whole comment without any grammatical errors, usage mistakes, hackneyed jokes, or cliched metaphors. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.

  6. southside skeptic says:

    heh – You’re welcome, I meant. Ouch.

  7. mamalogues fan says:

    SS: I think you also meant to respond to me as MF, not SS.

  8. Dana says:

    Yes, there is a difference between “your” and “you’re.” And that’s “clichéd.” Thanks for the grammar lesson. Have the balls to sign your name and quit trolling everyone’s websites just to bash me. Anonymity breeds mediocrity.


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