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St. Louis Just Lost A Great Advocate, Marti Frumhoff (Updated x4)

May 16, 2007 Events/Meetings, History/Preservation 69 Comments

Marti FrumhoffOne of my closest friends, someone many of you know, has passed away. Rehabber’s Club founder & fellow REALTOR® Marti Frumhoff died earlier today at her home in Tower Grove South. I don’t know the details, please don’t ask (update: it was natural causes, most likely a heart attack)
Marti and I both celebrated birthdays in February, my 40th and her 50th. We just had brunch a week ago.

Marti was one of St. Louis’ greatest champions, working tirelessly to see that building after building was renovated. Marti founded the Rehabber’s Club many years ago as a project within the group Metropolis and eventually spinning it off on its own. Recently Marti was working on a new project to be known as Main Street St. Louis — an online means of promoting St. Louis’ many commercial districts and storefront real estate.

I will personally miss Marti’s optimistic outlook on the future of St. Louis. Marti never lost sight of the potential that could be realized in the city of St. Louis. Marti always saw the good in people. Although we were technically competitors she was always willing to share her knowledge and experience in real estate.

When I’d get too down on St. Louis she’d be one of the people to lift me up. In fact, Marti was one of the individuals that convinced me to work on getting a masters degree in Urban Planning. Marti took a course with me last Fall at SLU and she planned to begin working on her masters degree full time next year (also in Urban Planning). Marti had aspirations of pursuing a Ph.D. as well.

Few people have had such a positive impact on the City of St. Louis as my friend Marti Frumhoff, she will be missed greatly. My condolences to her family. If you have some fond memories of Marti please feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

UPDATE 5/17/07 @ 11:32am (second updated to correct first) – The services will be Friday May 18, 2007 at the Central Reform Congregation located at Waterman and Kingshighway (map), 1pm.

Condolences to CRC members Carol and Marvin Frumhoff on the sudden death yesterday of their daughter, and our member, Marti Frumhoff. Services will be held at CRC tomorrow, Friday, May 18 at 1:00 pm. Shiva information will be available at the funeral.

UPDATE 5/17/07 @ 1pm – Special Rehabber’s Club this Saturday morning:

This Saturday is the third Saturday of the month. ReVitalize St. Louis will be holding a special Rehabbers Club meeting this Saturday in honor of Marti.

When: Saturday, May 19, 2007
Time: 9:30 to 11:00
Where: MoKaBe’s (at the corner of Grand and Arsenal)

MoKaBe’s is the birthplace of the Rehabbers Club, the site Marti organized the very first meeting many years ago. Perhaps she knew at the time the group would grow into such a positive force, but it is perhaps just as likely she simply enjoyed helping individuals recognize the treasure we have in St. Louis’ built environment.

Please come to this special informal Rehabbers Club meeting and share stories and memories of Marti – she touched so many lives both personally and professionally.

UPDATE 5/18/07 @ 6:45pm – The services this afternoon were wonderful. Rabbi Randy Fleisher did a great job making the huge crowd of people feel welcomed into the synogogue. Although the various yiddish words escape me the message was clear, although we may have buried Marti’s vessel (body) her spirit will live on in us as we celebrate her life. At the cemetary we all took our turn lovingly covering her casket with the earth.

Marti had a long interest in saving animals and the family asked that any memorial contributions to go Diana’s Grove Dog Rescue at www.takeafriendhome.org Remember, Saturday morning (5/19/07) is a very special Rehabber’s Club at the place where Marti started the group – MoKaBe’s Coffeehouse at Arsenal & Grand, 9:30am-11:00am.



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  1. Maurice says:

    Oh My! I too got the chance to meet Marti at a number of community events. She did a lot in pushing up the values for TGS homes and pushing the edge on those when she knew in her mind what a property could get if the owner would hold on.

    TGS will be a bit less because of her

  2. then says:

    Shocking. I met her a few times. I talked to her many times on the web. She and the group she formed helped me rehab a house by way of her Rehabbers Club yahoo site. I was a novice then and didn’t know much about the “trade”. I just knew I wanted to do rehabbing.

    I did not know Marti personally but I do want to thank you, Marti, for starting that website and thus feeding my rehabbing ambition. Thanks, may God bless you.

  3. Chris Cleeland says:

    Holy crap.

    What a sad loss.

  4. Richard Kenney says:

    If anyone can find an appropriate way to memorialize Marti’s contributions to revitalize and save historic St. Louis, it’s you Steve.

  5. Bill Hays says:

    What a loss indeed… Marti had been the inspiration for many people working to redevelope St. Louis City. My deepest condolences to Marti’s family and friends. May her spirit live on in all we do to redo and improve…

  6. TheBrad says:

    I’m so sad to hear this. Marti was one of the really great things, among many, about this city. She will be missed but hopefully inspired many to follow her example.

  7. Anthony Coffin says:

    I only spoke to Marti a few times but she was about the most inspirational person you could find, not to mention the impact she has made on the entire city. I am deeply saddened. This is an enormous loss for those who knew her and a tremendous loss for the city as well.

  8. Sue Boettcher says:

    Omigod. She sold me my house in Lafayette Square…

  9. Cheryl says:

    This is shocking indeed! While I only met her face-to-face once, she left a lasting positive impression. What a warm and encouraging spirit. Peace and blessings to her family and friends.

  10. Donna says:

    This is a shocking loss. Marti was an inspiration with her encouragement and optimism. This is tragic.

  11. Mike Baldwin says:

    Shocked, saddened and stunned!

    What a great person. Just knowing she was in your corner was enough to make you feel you could accomplish anything. She will be sorely missed. My condolences to you, Steve and all of her amazain friends and family. Let’s all keep making this city a better place in Marti’s memory!

  12. Chad Johnson says:

    What a loss.. Marti was not only my realtor, but a friend. This is a HUGE loss to the city of St. Louis. Marti pushed where people wouldn’t think of pushing. She sold us our in Benton Park West.

    Marti, Thanks for making St. Louis what it is today…

    Will miss you and love you!

    Chad Johnson

  13. Bill Byrd says:


    You will never know the impact you’ve made on Saint Louis. The people who’s lives you’ve touched…as a realtor, rehabber, City supportor…and mostly as a friend.

    Marti wasn’t just someone out for the buck. She truly believed in what she did and stood up for it.

    I trumped through a lot of houses with Marti….as she sold our house as well as was the realtor for the house we bought. When I say trumped through a lot of houses…I don’t just mean those we were looking go buy, but a LOT of properties in Saint Louis that were featured on the Rehabbers Club tours. But, other than my current house, the most meaningful house was hers. We lived in her 2nd/3rd floor between houses…and it was a great experience having Marti as the “landlady”.

    I”ll always remember Marti when she said…”OH, no…you don’t want to buy that house on Wyoming…” then a year later (and each year after) she saying “Ok, you got me on that one, you guys made the right choice”.

    Here’s to you Marti!

    Bill Byrd.

  14. Stefene says:

    Though I admired Marti’s great work for years, I’d only met her recently, but what an amazing person. She was still young and energetic and out there doing stuff – to say that I am stunned, and saddened, is an understatement. This is a huge loss not only for those who knew her, but for the City. She helped bring back the city by bringing people to the city. Peace, Marti, thank you for all that you did.

  15. Andy Love says:

    It’s a horrible blow for the city.

    But it’s our job to step up and do more.
    We’ve seen how much one person can change the city.
    What Marti did was amazing.

    We’ll miss her.


  16. awb says:

    It’s truly a sad day. Marti was one of the shining lights in the City. I will miss her. Many people who enjoyed the fruits of her achievements may not even know her name. To me, she worked hard to get things done and didn’t worry about getting the credit she deserved. What a champ.

  17. Vicki Mabrey says:

    All St Louis flags should be flown at half staff today. The entire city is lessened by Marti’s loss. We never met but I spoke with her a number of times on the phone. She was knowledgeable, friendly, always giving of her time and expertise. St Louis has lost one of its brightest lights.

  18. Diane Paglusch says:

    I spoke with Marti this past Monday night at 9pm. She picked up the phone and said, “You are one of the few people I would answer the phone for this late.” I am so glad she did answer and I was able to have that last conversation with her. Not only was she my agent, she was my friend. I am so very sad right now and will miss her terribly.


  19. Paul says:

    truly sad…she will be missed…life can be so short sometimes but marti proves that you can pack a punch in such a short lifespan. wouldn’t it be great if a future dog park was named after her and her love for her animals?

  20. I think to myself this morning of all those times I sat at the table with Marti and others as we strategized our attempted saving of the Century Building; how she helped our neighbors in their fight against litigious developers; how she took us around TGS looking for an investment property dislaying a sense of ethics I’m not used to seeing in real estate agents.

    I think now, in all those encounters with you, Marti, who could have guessed that you would pass away on my birthday? An otherwise peripheral friendship forever, bizzarely, linked.

    I am stunned

    alan b

  21. Fred Hessel says:

    Wow, I can’t beleive this. I too counted Marti as a friend and colleague in Real Estate. She was so warm and friendly to everyone and so dedicated to the entire community. I am incredibly saddened.

  22. Wow. I am at a loss for words.

  23. toby says:

    Can we deal with the shock of such a tragic loss by celebrating her life?
    Can a memorial be organized in her honor?

  24. Any thoughts that I can articulate are in a post to the Ecology of Absence blog this morning. Mostly I can’t articulate what I feel about this terrible news.

  25. steve smith says:

    What a loss. Quite sad. She was a tireless supporter of the city, and got involved in things she believed in. And she believed we could be a better STL. I have been quite appreciative of her kind words and support of my projects over the years. The big project she supported that was hard to get through was the this is Saint Louis project. She understood things better than most. She had continued support to even more recent developments and had continued to be optimistic despite setbacks. An amazing woman.

    She will be missed.

    Steve Smith

  26. Jeff Hall says:

    When my wife and I moved here to St. Louis, Marti was one of first people we met. We became members of the Rehabber’s club and we opened our house up for one of her Saturday meetings. I would run into Marti from time to time at events here in the city and she always was warm and friendly. She was a fantastic advocate for St. Louis and she will be missed immensely. We will keep her family in our thoughts!

  27. Randy Vines says:

    I cannot begin to express how distraught I am over the loss of Marti Frumhoff. I had the great pleasure of working as her buyers agent several years ago. She had the rare ability to inspire everyone around her. As I write this, one of the things she said to me is resonating in my mind, “Randy, you can be whoever you want to be.” We have lost someone so special, and St. Louis will not be the same without her.

  28. Jeff Vines says:

    I can’t even digest this news. I talked to her on the phone two weeks ago. The entire city is deeply indebted to her for her tireless contributions. She had such passion and warmth. I am absolutely devastated.

  29. rick says:

    At last night’s beautiful concert for the Mullanphy, they read the list of event sponsors. Marti was one of them.

  30. Rebecca says:

    Marti was an extraordinary person. My husband and I met Marti not long after we moved to the Tower Grove South area in August 2005. Just a few weeks ago, she sent us some information on comparable properties to help us fight our much higher tax assessment. She was always willing to help anyone who asked. We can’t believe that she’s gone.

  31. Luftmensch says:

    Marti was a Real Mensch. Big heart. Very brave. Unfailingly decent.

  32. Marti was a dear friend and colleague — and mentor, who I was inspired by and turned to when considering entering the real estate business. She’s mentored me informally throughout my career and was a constant source of fantastic ideas, information and inspiration. One of the most ethically-sound professionals in the business, those ethics spilled over into the community as well as shown in her constant involvement in proactive, pro-city, pro-community work she did through vehicles such as the RehabbersClub, ReVitalizeSTL, her newest project “MainStreetStLouis.com” and other projects. Truly an inspiration to me personally, and to the city in so many ways — always willing to put community work and her personal passions before all else. We had lunch together just last Friday and as usual, I left inspired and excited about the ideas and possibilities we discussed. This is a huge loss in so many ways: for me personally, for her family and friends, for the real estate community, and for the city at large. Makes you realize how you take everything for granted day-to-day and it can all be snatched away from you in a moment. Marti will be missed greatly, and I only hope that those of us that can, will do what we can to continue the momentum that she put into our little city and community, and create that as a true legacy for her.

    Marti’s memorial sevice is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at Central Reform Congregation synagogue, 5020 Waterman.

    Lisa Frumhoff, Marti’s sister, has invited anyone who wants to come to a reception after the service. The reception will be held at Lisa’s home, 852 Oak Brook Lane, St. Louis, MO 63132. Please bring a covered dish to share.

  33. Regina Bryant says:

    I am saddened by the death of Marti. Her hardwork and concern was a gift as well as an example to all. Honor her memory by imitation and the City of Saint Louis & The Rehabbers Club will continue to benefit. Godspeed Marti

  34. Margie says:

    I just heard this terrible news. I can’t begin to express what a gem Marti was and how much she will be missed. Her unflagging enthusiasm, passion, commitment, and — when it was called for — righteous outrage, were forces for good in the city. Tower Grove South and the entire community will feel her absence. And so will I.

    Margie Newman

  35. Lisa says:

    I met Marti through Metropolis, worked with her on tours of my neighborhood for Rehabbers, had the pleasure of working with her on the sale of my real estate property. I am shocked and saddened. I admired Marti for her hard work as a professional and as an advocate for the City. She will be greatly missed – as witnessed by these loving tributes. We can all pick up where she left off and see that we continue to support our great City in honor of Marti.

  36. Amy Pizano says:

    I just heard the horrible news. Marti shopped in my pet store and was a good friend to me, and an even better friend to stray pets. We will miss you at Pets in the City, Marti…. Be at Peace, Amy

  37. Jay Rosloff says:

    My heartfelt sympathy to her family and the community of friends she collected over the years.
    We will remember her.
    We will miss her as a friend and good neighbor.
    We will miss her ironclad optimism.
    She personified the principle that “a rising tide rasies all ships,” and we’ll surely miss the effort she put into making Saint Louis a better place for us all.
    See ya later, Marti.

  38. Dave says:

    My condolences. This is sad… I met her at that very birthday party at the Royale. What a loss.

  39. RL'E says:

    Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.
    — Henry David Thoreau.

    Marti was one tireless soldier in the battles she chose to fight. Her work and devotion to the things she believed in leaves us with some very important assests in the world of urban revitalization: The Big Big Tour and the Rehabber’s Club and I am sure there are efforts that I did not name here. Marti and I did not always agree but we acknowledged that and we managed to get along…the dialogue about urban revitalization is a very important one to have and she helped keep it going.

    My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.


  40. Becca Belz says:

    Marti is one of the reasons I became a real estate agent – she was a person with honesty, integrity, and a passion for the city and its architecture, and her obvious love for her work inspired me. Even though she was often incredibly busy, she often went out of her way to pull me aside at Coldwell Banker Premier to give me encouragement, praise, and advice, and I appreciated it more than she probably knew. She was one of the most humble and dedicated people I’ve ever known, and she will be deeply missed.

  41. Suzanne says:

    I knew Marti through Metropolis and always admired her because she was a doer, not just a talker. She was always very friendly and really loved the city! I hadn’t seen her for a few years, but kept reading about her activities and love for the city. I am shocked that she is gone at such a young age. There are so few like her that consistently work for a cause. Thanks, Marti, for all your efforts. The city will miss you.

  42. Caryn Dugan says:

    It is because of Marti’s dedication and perserverence to this City that we lead the life we do today. Had it not been for her founding The Rehabber’s Club, we would never be living in the beautiful home that we do. Because of Marti, we now have created relationships where we probably would otherwise have not had the opportunity, gained knowledge at record speeds and also helped others in need. Weird, but I always felt at ease with her lurking around Rehabber’s and TGS Yahoo! Groups…like she was the backbone. It will take many to fill her shoes, thank goodness she showed us how to do exactly that.

  43. Kris Kleindienst says:

    I am stunned and deeply saddened to learn of Marti’s passing. Marti has been a dear friend, sometime co-conspirator, inspiration, and, inexplicably, a supporter of me, since we first worked together on the Gay News Telegraph in the 80s. Over the years, our paths crossed and recrossed most happily on a variety of projects–political, business and personal. She always had a vision for how things could be better, a vision that grew out of and was constantly influenced by her conversations with others. She was someone who truly listened and always looked for ways to make the world a better place from the raw materials she found around her. She was a dreamer in the best sense of the word. She was also someone who could carry through. No task was ever too small. There could be no better person to have your back than Marti.
    Our day-to-day lives have taken us more apart than together in recent years. The last real “project” we talked about was getting a reading group started for the St. Louis Rehabbers club. I loved the ways she found to connect all the seemingly unconnected projects and people she cared about. My heart goes out to Lisa especially, their parents, and all who have been touched by Marti’s particular spark.

  44. Becky Ellis says:

    What a loss!!! Marti was a personal friend, over long years, and a shooting star. She was one of the most creative people I’ve known, and certainly one of the most generous. She was always looking for ways to help and promote the potential in everyone she cared about. She had a rare and awesomely strong gift for seeing “possibility “where most other folks saw “obstacle”….I know she helped me leap over a few of those! This is an absence that cannot be filled in, except by the affection and energy that she gave so freely and that, surely, she must sense being returned to her now by so many folks…

  45. Dave Lewis says:

    Marty is a woman who inspires me. She was almost everything I would hope to find in anyone, but find in precious few. Honesty, forthrightness, kindness, energy, creativeness, and comfortable in her own skin.

    She will be dearly missed, but never forgotton. The work she has done will live on, as she is surely inseperable from the new growth & success of our beloved City.

    I love you, Marti

    Dave Lewis
    in Soulard

  46. Maurice says:

    I wonder if Mayor Slay will issue a proclamation for flags at half mast for a day in her honor?

    Or perhaps rename a park (maybe McDonald Park at Utah and Bent) in her honor.

  47. Dionna says:

    Wow- this is really such shocking news.
    Marti was such a great gal- always perservering, never giving up for what she believed in.
    I first met her through the early days of the Rehabber’s Club- what a fantastic resource she created. She was there to get people excited about the city- organizing great tours of progress in city rehabs- our home was on the “Progress” tours twice.
    I didn’t know her well, but it didn’t matter- she was always there with advice when you needed it.
    This city will certainly feel a void without her, but I agree, that we should PRESS ON, in honor of Marti. Do the best we can, and keep creating an amazing place to live.
    We are only here once- so let’s show the world what we’ve got!

    AND YES- a doggie park or something named after her would be beautiful.
    Thanks, Steve, for starting such a nice tribute for her here.
    What a gal- she’ll be terribly missed.

    Dionna Raedeke

  48. Joe Frank says:

    I am still just so totally stunned. I hope we can come up with a fitting memorial to Marti — and ultimately, continuing her work in “speaking truth to power” and making an effort to revitalize our city in a way that respects its history, will be the best possible memorial.

    Joe Frank

  49. Danella says:

    Wow, Marti and I went to high school together. I did not know real well but I do remember having a few classes with her. I also was a big international folk dancer (IFDA). Marti would show up at the Heman
    Park Community Center every once in a while.
    The last time I saw her was on my old street Teasdale. I had not seen her in about 20 years or more.
    She was always a really happy person as I recall.
    My deepest sympathy to her family.
    Danella Loew Lubar

  50. Scott Pircher says:

    Marti was one of the nicest, most generous, wonderful people I’ve ever met. The world, especially St. Louis, will be greatly diminished by her absence.

    If anyone has any knowledge of her animals, I’ll gladly at least foster Ivy, the shepherd, for as long as it takes to finder her a proper home. If you have details on that, please contact me at: pircher at gmail dot com.

  51. John says:

    Tell em large Marge sent ya!

  52. Julia Weber says:

    I just learned about Marti’s death and am so sad and stunned. During the time I lived in St. Louis, Marti was a friend and an inspiration and I think of her often as I walk down my stairs in my home in San Francisco and see one of her amazingly powerful photographs everyday. She was one of the first true activists I was close to and taught me much about creativity, strength, coalition building, kindness, and justice. I’ve never forgotten how much I learned working with her on various social justice efforts in St. Louis and how much fun I had hanging out with her around town. When a dear friend and I lost contact, she did more than anyone else to work on both of us so that when the time was right, with her urging, we reconnected. What an amazing woman Marti was and what a loss for St. Louis and all of us that she should be gone so soon.

  53. Carrie Sleep says:

    So sad. Words cannot begin express the emotions that are felt.
    Thank you Marti, for being such an amazing woman. St. Louis will never forget you. A part of you will be remembered everywhere. Your work WILL continue! Those are some amazing shoes to fill, but I think we can all begin to pick up and keep things going.

  54. Dewey Jones says:

    I met Marti only a month ago but I’d been working very closely with her every day over the last two weeks to develop MainStreetStLouis.com. I just had a one-hour conference call with her on Monday night because we were planning the launch of the new site this weekend. We had a lot of work to do together this week and when I didn’t hear from her I started to wonder. She just had too much integrity not to be in close contact during this important time. So I called Steve, whom Marti had introduced to me, and learned the horrible news. Right now I’m in shock.

    A few weeks ago she had told me about the Rehabbers Club so I went to the website to check it out. I would learn that she was the key player in an organization that is two thousand strong. From reading the posts above, there is clearly a lot more I didn’t know about this woman, and I feel very sad that I won’t have the chance to continue working with her and knowing her better. In the short time we collaborated she was good-hearted, fair, and visionary, yet obviously humble.

    In order to post this message I have to type in the anti-spam word. The word is “zealot”. I guess that aptly describes who she was as she passionately championed urban rehabilitation in St. Louis. I will pray for her.

  55. Mark Frumhoff says:

    On Behalf of my family, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the kind words and thoughts that are being expressed in this, and other blogs. This outpouring of love and support is so overwhelming and so much appreciated at this most difficult of times. Some of my family, including myself, are just learning how much Marti has done for so many people in our community.

    Because of how close-knit my family is, it makes it a little easier to bear, but also that much more difficult to understand. The messages here now, however, and the ones yet to be posted, are and will continue to be a comfort to us in the coming days and weeks ahead.

    Thank you all and God Bless You!

    Mark Frumhoff

  56. Christian Saller says:

    I knew Marti as a friend who was passionate about the phenomenon of urban community and the activism aimed at strengthening and defending it. She was one of the people who cared about the City of St. Louis ITSELF, sidewalks, buildings, the fabric that forms our environment, not just abstractions about it framed in dry, bottom-line terminology. She really understood that a city is a living organism, not an expendable clutter of bricks and mortar. She helped to animate our local organism and I feel fortunate to have known her.

  57. Nancy Arnold says:

    I went to University City schools and graduated with Marti’s brother Scott. I just want to offer Scott and all of Marti’s family my condolences. I have been reading the many websites and blogs about Marti and it sounds like this city lost a wonderful supporter. What a tribute to her to have so many people tell of how they knew Marti and how she affected their lives. My prayers are with all of you.
    Nancy (Egel) Arnold

  58. Jeff Vines says:

    In memory of Marti, STL-STYLE will donate 10% of all proceeds to Diana’s Grove Pet Rescue through June 17th.


  59. Sarah Bridges says:

    Marti was a special kind of idealist, who could be disapointed, but never disillusioned. We collaborated on several projects, including the short lived Side Streets photo magazine and final year of the Grand South Grand Festival of Nations (thankfully adopted by the International Institute and moved to Tower Grove Park). While I tended towards frustration and burn out, Marti was always sparked by the next project and possibility of improving St. Louis.

    While many people know Marti as a remarkable real estate agent and champion of the city, she was also a talented artist. She was excited to be combining her love for photography and the city on the Main Street St. Louis project.

    I was so shocked to learn last night, only a few minutes after landing at Lambert after a short trip, of Marti’s death. I have lost a great friend and source of support. I miss you so much Marta.

  60. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for who you were for Marti and what you and Marti collaborated together with to make the difference you and her have made in our city. I know she had a very special place in her heart for you two. Peace and Love, Lisa Frumhoff

  61. Dear Steve,

    I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your support for Marti and keeping her spirit alive.

    One of my brother’s, Scott from New York, and myself, are speaking with Channel 2 Thursday morning as they want to do a story on her. I am looking for photos and stories about Marti and I would love to have as much as possible for our 10:30 am Thursday appointment with them.

    Any assistance you can think of would be great.

    Also, while we have been sitting Shiva (and I apologize for not necessarily having the correct spelling), a conversation simmered about creating a St. Louis City Dog Park in Memory of Marti Frumhoff. There apparently is a vacant city lot in Tower Grove South. Maybe this is something that could go citywide, too, with the memory of Marti’s love for dogs and cats and animals.

    If you know of anyone that has a particular story or photographs to share of Marti, please send them my way.

    Peace and Love,

    Lisa Frumhoff
    (314) 336-1980

  62. Darcella K. Craven says:

    I knew Marti through Metropolis and several other civic organizations. While many times we found ourselves on opposite ends of an idea or a way to get things done, she was always professional, and I knew she was just as passionate about her beliefs as I was in mine. I had great respect for her because of that. Even when we had tense words, we were able to apologize for tone and move forward with the common goal of improving the community. I just saw her not too long ago and we talked about just the basics. I send my clients to the Rehabber’s Club all the time for the most knowledgeable people in this town on rehabbing and passion about the City. St. Louis is a better place because of her championship. Marti truly bought into and lived “the city is back, back the city.” Her passion will be missed.

  63. Kim Cronin says:

    Marti and I were friends years ago. I left St. Louis for several years and thank goodness, we were able to connect briefly after I came home. I regret that we weren’t better at staying in touch. I’ve learned so much about my friend by reading these posts but does anyone remember that Marti was heavily into photography with a social conscience way back when? She was so generous to gift me with a piece that she did. If a family member or close friend would like to have it, I’d happily donate it to them. Otherwise, I will keep it forever to remind me of Marti.

    Kim Cronin

  64. Hi Kim,

    thank you for your note.

    Actually channel 2 is doing a story on Marti tomorrow and 1 of my 3 brothers and I are speaking at 10:30 am in the morning…..I am her sister, and I know her passion for photography…so much to say so little time…i’d love to get a copy of the photograph, and marti gave this to you as I know she wanted you to have it…and I am trying to gather as much about Marti as I can…copies are welcomed….please contact me at 393-7653 or email at lisa.frumhoff@gmail.com. thanks. Lisa Frumhoff

  65. Eva Rainey says:

    Marvin, Lisa and Brian,

    This is such a shock. I want you to know that you have my deepest sympathy.
    In 2001 I wanted to hang up my license and it was Marti that gave me the pep talk and encouragement to hang in there.

    God Bless All

  66. Jesse Irwin says:

    I met Marti at a rehabber’s club meeting right after I moved to the city. I was amazed at the positive energy in that room. When I learned about all the different things she did I couldn’t believe she was one person. She was a dynamo. We all have the same amount of time to work with, and instead of doing something selfish with hers she gave it to all of us by making St. Louis a better place to live. I’m proud to have known her.

    This city is on the move and nothing can stop the progress.

  67. Umair Iqbal says:

    The City of St Louis has lost a champion of it revitalisation and a dear friend. I met Marti a couple of times at the rehabbers club meetings. Always full of energy and enthusiasm, she was very friendly and helpful. We will all miss her.

  68. Jody says:

    I was very young when I met Marti. She and I dated briefly but had remained friends over the years. Though I knew of her dedication to family, friends, and ALL animals I had no idea of her impact upon the city of St.Louis. I hate that I missed all of who she was…she always had kind words to say about most people…When I found myself in tough times she was always ready to offer me any word of encouragement and help…even offering me a place to stay more than once over the years. I know the city has lost a great leader…but I lost one of my very few dear friends…taking for granted that she’d always be there…My heart goes out to her family and close friends…a light seems to have faded where she once was…her kind smile (onary side smile included) the joy and passion she spread to others…with enthusiasim that was nearly child-like…when I’d say I couldn’t do something she’d give me a playful shove on the shoulder and ask why the hell not…after 5 minutes of talking to her I’d think, well, why the hell not? And I loved her photography! Most of the documentry work she did, my favorite photo with a young woman holding a sign saying “she’d die for her mother’s right for an abortion…” many powerful works for animal and human rights. I still have a photo she gave to me of Johnson’s Shut In…and a series she did of me returning to my home town…including a short series of shots with cows lining up to get their picture taken by Marti…we laughed ourselves sick that day with those cows coming over to see what the crazy people were doing…I pulled those photos out after she passed. At first I smiled, then I cried for a while, and finally before I put them away I was able to laugh a little once more. Seeing her so rarely these last few years I was always greatful to see her. Shocked that I hadn’t made time for my friend. I’d give her a big hug (great hugger) and we’d sit for a while and just talk. I miss her in such a big way…more than I ever thought I would/could.

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