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Animations Poke Fun at Saint Louis University, Fr. Biondi

May 3, 2007 Media, Midtown 1 Comment

Back in 2001 a young SLU student (now alumni) created a couple of animations to express his thoughts about Saint Louis University, the tuition rate, the campus and yes, even Fr. Biondi. In light of the recent issues over funding of the arena and control of the student newspaper I thought it would be fun to share these with you.

Thankfully the animator’s younger brother, in seminary at Kenrick, has uploaded the two flash videos for everyone’s amusement. Click here to view the videos and to read what inspired them. So, my thanks to Joel & Jeff Geerling.

Remember folks, this is just satire…


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  1. Thanks for the link – I hope to someday make another animation, following my brother’s lead. There are oh-so-many fun things that could be included in the next edition of SLU-for-U, not the least of which is the ridiculous giant shrubbery-covered billiken in front of the Busch Student Center on Grand Ave.!


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