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A Job Opening at St. Louis Public Schools Paying $80,000+

January 4, 2007 Education, Politics/Policy 4 Comments

Posted on the St. Louis Public Schools website is a job titled, “Executive Director of Board Affairs” and it pays $80K or better. I bet you are thinking that is some good pay? What if I told you your boss would be none other than board president Veronica O’Brien, that pay doesn’t look so good now does it?

Here is a teaser from the job posting:

Position Summary:
The Board of Education of the St. Louis Public Schools is seeking an Executive that will be responsible for managing the daily operations of the Board Affairs Office.

Essential Functions:
1. Reports directly to the Board of Education by way of the president or vice
2. Manage the day-to-day operation of the board office.
3. Act as board liaison with the Superintendent and other staff of the school district.
4. Makes recommendations to the board concerning administrative and school related matters.
5. Act as liaison, when necessary, with the public and fielding questions from the community regarding Board and district business.

You can read the full description on a Word document from the school board site linked above as long as it remains posted, or you can view a PDF here.  In all seriousness, this is a good position although I don’t know that anyone who is actually qualified for the post would want to even apply given the current state of board affairs.


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  1. publiceye says:


    Closing date for Director of Board Affairs applications, according to your link, was 12.22.06.

    However, it’s not too late to fit into the one-week search windows for chief academic officer and chief financial officer.

    [UrbanReviewSTL — Yeah, the one week window of opportunity seems a bit tight.]

  2. Becker says:

    What on Earth are you talking about? This is not a good position. This is a non-essential position.

    1) The board will be a meaningless group of egos with no power soon enough.

    2) If the boardmembers were capable of conducting themselves in the manner that they should they would not need a director.

    This is just another example of how the people who run this district have no idea how to spend the taxpayers’ money.

    [UrbanReviewSTL — I’m not sure how long this post has been around — anyone know?  Maybe it is non-essential as you indicate, hard for me to tell.  If this person could do all the things in the description they’d be worth every penny.  The odds, however, of that happening are really slim.] 

  3. LisaS says:

    Just another example of needless, high-paying administrative positions in this parent’s view.

    For some perspective, here’s what $80k buys:

    $20 in supplies for every child in the district OR
    a huge number of textbooks OR
    reams and reams of copy paper (I donate several reams to each child’s classroom every year) OR
    130 field trips (buses cost a small fortune) OR
    the salary and fringes for a very experienced teacher, OR at least 2 teaching assistants.

    How can this be worth it considering the other needs we have?

  4. LisaS says:

    oops, I’m seeing red so my math is wrong. $80k/32k is actually something more like $2.50. but that’s a lot of pencils and notebook paper, isn’t it?


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