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St. Louis Magazine’s “50 Power Players” Online

December 4, 2006 Media, Site Info 4 Comments

stlmag_1206A couple of weeks ago I did a post about St. Louis Magazine’s ’50 Most Powerful in 2006′ list in their December 2006 issue, with me rounding out the list at #50. If you’ve still not picked up a copy you can conveniently read the entire list online, just click here. However, if you want to see the nice pic of me on my scooter on a closed Washington Ave (thank you McGowan’s & St. Louis Cardinals) you will need to purchase the print edition.  From the intro to the piece:

“You think it’s easy to rank this city’s heavy hitters? Try it. Everyone knew who carried the biggest stick back during the reign of Civic Progress, but in these days of fragmented power, it’s a bit harder to separate influence peddlers from petty insiders”

Some of us were also asked to name five people we thought were powerful and influential in St. Louis. See who Jeff Smith, Joe Edwards, The Gills, Peter Raven, myself and others listed as powerful in St. Louis, here.

So, check out the full list and use the comments section below to add people that you think are missing but should be included, perhaps to name those that you don’t think belong on the list or even suggest a different order.


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  1. DB says:

    Mary Jean Ryan. Thanks for wasting valuable magazine space. And for taking a spot that someone else could have used to provide a real answer.

  2. Tom Shrout says:


    Thanks for the honor, I think, of making your list. The one person you did list that should be on everyone’s list is Les Sterman. He influences how millions are spent each year in this region and has forced the region talk about things like transit, sprawl, solid waste management, air quality that others would rather just ignore.

  3. anon says:

    Richard Baron should be on the list.

  4. Mike says:


    Sue’s first response when she saw the article was how nice it was that you had your pic taken on your scooter. Congratulations again; it is well-deserved recognition.


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