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Time To Review Campaign Finance Reports

July 19, 2006 25th Ward, Ald Jennifer Florida, Politics/Policy 4 Comments

With a major primary election to be held August 8th many political eyes are focused on races such as the close contest for State Senate in the 4th District. I’m reading the news accounts on these races but that is not my focus when I visit the Missouri Ethics Commission website. Nope, I’m checking out local reports for all 28 aldermen, city-wide officials such the Comptroller and the various ward committees.

Others reporting on campaign reports simply look at the summary page and repeat how much was raised, how much as spent and how much is left. The predictable conclusion is supposed to be the candidate with the most money wins. Yawn.

Instead I’m digging through the many local reports to see who is giving to which candidate, do the reports jive from one candidate to another and are there any glaring conflict of interest issues. Right out of the gate I found one minor issue.

The July quarterly report (covering April, May & June) from the Dorothy Kirner campaign shows a $25 contribution to Jennifer Florida’s campaign in June and a $15 contribution in July. Well, the July contribution is a quarterly report too soon Ms. Kirner. But, the $25 contribution from June is valid. However, Jennifer Florida’s report for this quarter doesn’t show any receipts at all — not even the $25 from office-mate Dorothy Kirner.

[UPDATE 7/26/06 – In reading Kirner’s report closer I see the $25 was to FX Daly, not Florida. Only one contribution was reported by Kirner to Florida and that is in the current period we are in now which will be reported on October 15, 2006. My apologies to Ms. Florida for the error on my part. – SLP]

Reports were due at the Missouri Ethics Commission by July 15th. However, it looks like Freeman Bosley Sr. from the 3rd Ward has been distracted by the recent recall effort and has failed to submit a report. As of today the Missouri Ethics Commission does not show a report was received on behalf of Bosley or the 3rd Ward Democrats. Same is true for Terry Kennedy, Lewis Reed, Charles Quincy Troupe, and Dionne Flowers. A number of other reports were received after the July 15th deadline, including several today. Two aldermen, Flowers and Williamson, do not show any report submitted for the 1st Quarter due April 15th.

I’ll have a thorough report for you hopefully next week after I’ve had a chance to examine all the reports.

– Steve


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  1. larry says:

    If you want to find a scandel, look at Jeff Smith’s illegal contributions on his 2004 race. Also he is getting money from Edisons Schools whick he gives money to at the Confluence Academy. Pay back at it’s finest.

  2. ArchPundit says:

    First, Jeff doesn’t get paid by Confluence or Edison. That’s simply a lie.

    Second, there aren’t illegal contributions in his reports. the problem is primarily on the FEC’s mistakes in 2004/5 not getting the corrections and then sending notices to the wrong addresses.

    After being notified in writing and verbally by Jeff’s lawyer, the still were sending correspondence to New Hampshire as recently as a month or two ago.

    And Steve–notice that Dave and I both do comb through reports for who is giving–Dave’s front page has a story up now and I am the one who tracked down the All Children Matter money.

    [REPLY – Thanks for clearing that up! – SLP]

  3. The Egyptian says:

    Any interesting Pyramid contributions to report?

  4. travis reems says:


    Having run for Alderman, I’m sure you know the campaign finance rules better than I do. So, correct me if I am wrong, but don’t donations under a certain amount–$50 sticks out in my mind–not have to be reported?

    [REPLY Yes and no. Small donations do not have the same reporting requirements — such as whom the donation was from. But, these amounts must still be reported — even a dollar — on the accounting side of things. – SLP]


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