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Preservation Board to Review Proposed Changes to Forest Park’s Government Hill

The St. Louis Preservation Board reviewed a radical proposal at their June 2006 meeting (see post). The board at the time deferred any recommendation to Forest Park Forever and instead asked them to reconsider the concept. And it worked.

Last week I heard about a special meeting of the Preservation Board being called to consider the revisions. On Saturday morning I ran into Board Chair Timothy Mulligan at Soulard Market and he wanted to make sure the public was aware of the meeting.

The prior concept can be seen in the June 2006 report and the latest design can be seen here.

It is hard to make out the new design from the images in the PDF agenda but the description from the staff is helpful. One key part is making the area ADA compliant without regrading the entire hillside:

The revised design incorporates accessibility features in a manner that blends these features into overall design of the space rather than designing the space around the accessibility features. The accessibility features are now made a part of the landscaping and have gentle slopes that do not require ramp treatment—an accessible route with a slope of less than 5% will be integrated into the design of the rooms. The accessible paths will not be visible from Government Drive because the revised plan no longer involves extensively regrading the hill.

The meeting starts at 4:30pm this afternoon at 1015 Washington, 12th floor.

– Steve


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  1. I never heard about that meeting until yesterday. Hmmm.

    The meeting place would be 1015 Locust, right?

  2. Jim Zavist says:

    This looks better, but why the insistence on a diagonal path thru the middle of the formal area? Access can be provided just as easily (and well) through the trees on one side or the other (or both) . . .

  3. They’re obliterating the graceful curves of the pool with a huge ham-handed rectangle? Why??

    Also, is there any reason for replacing the cascades portion? Losing the “cotton rock” formation would be unfortunate.


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