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Rumor: Mississippi Bluffs Project Facing Challenges

Mississippi Bluffs, the high-end condo project planned for the former site of the Doering Mansion & Good Samaritan Home, has hit a snag according to several sources. I’ve heard from numerous people that the planned two levels won’t work out as originally envisioned.

I know nothing specific other than the number of units for the site will be reduced, maybe as much as half. The sad part is the developer said the lovely Doering Mansion couldn’t be saved because that would have reduced the number of units for the project. Well, the fabulous mansion is gone and so is the density that made the project moderately acceptable.

Once I know more I’ll evaluate a revised site plan.

– Steve


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  1. Ben Jones says:

    You know this already, Steve, but you make the struggle between good design and development and poor design and development sing like the epic tales of old.

    You are a bard of new urbanism, and we are so lucky to have you.

    Ironically, the result of short-sighted blighted development is ultimately a smaller profit margin for the developer community, property values lower than they could potentially be, lower tax base, a less human built environment, more pollution, less exercise, greater isolation, leading to the myopia symptomatic of a socially and politically inbred culture.

    How much longer will it take us to wake up?

    Everyone who cares about connecting the development dots should be reading you. Developers who want to learn how to do good development, AND make more money as a result, should hire you.

    We just need one project with your brain on it to demonstrate that well done design, including maximizing existing assets, can make the project more profitable by adding value, rather than subtracting cost.

    Maybe your next campaign should be a marketing campaign for what would be an impactful and profitable business.

    Thanks for keeping the light on those who would rather stay in the shadows in the meantime.


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