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Scooter + Mini Cooper = Cute Picture

February 14, 2006 Scooters 7 Comments

scootmini.jpgToday I took advantage of the stunning weather and rode my scooter downtown for some meetings. Despite having a new car I enjoy time in the open air.

When you walk, bicycle and scoot you see things differently than you do from inside a car.

Speaking of inside… While I was inside Espresso Mod having a cool beverage this red & white Mini Cooper pulled up and parked next to my scooter. Everyone in the place noticed what a cute pairing this made.

When I left I noticed a vintage Lambretta scooter parked around the corner. Scooters, bikes and pedestrians add a very important visual layer to city life.

– Steve


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  1. Claire Nowak-Boyd says:


    You’ve got me thinking about getting a scooter for myself. So cheap…so efficient…..so unregulated!

    We’ll see. Ideally I would like to get a job that paid me enough to get my Karmann Ghia at least in driveable shape, but…………..

  2. Ben Jones says:

    Best Valentine’s Day Blog out there, Steve.

    Scooters and cycling do the heart, and the heart of the city, good.

  3. Secret Admirer says:

    The Scooter and the Cooper make a cute couple. If you had been in the picture, it would have been even cuter…..

  4. Lucas says:

    These posts make me want to vomit, especially this last one.

    [REPLY – Well, alrighty then… – SLP]

  5. Dionna says:


  6. Scooter Jo says:

    I often think of minis as being the auto equivalent of a scooter. They are tiny and very cute!

    These two look like it was planned.

  7. Michael says:

    This has been a great week for scootering. It sure beats bundling up for the freezing weather.

    Anyone thinking about getting a scooter should go look now. Once Spring rolls around, it is much harder to find the popular models in stock.


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