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I’m Not Ed Golterman

October 22, 2005 Scooters 2 Comments

A regular reader sent me a story from the Suburban Journals on someone many of us either know or have heard of, Ed Golterman:

He’s the bane of business bigwigs and politicos from Broadway to Bonhomme
Avenue, a tart-tongued crusader for Kiel Opera House who says downtown
redevelopers in the 1990s reneged on their promise to reopen the building, and
alleges those friendly with St. Louis’ midtown theater district have worked to
keep Kiel vacant.

I certainly agree with Golterman they Kiel Opera House should be re-opened. Here is a bit more about Golterman:

Now a singer and performer with the company Heartsong, Golterman performs in
concerts and theater productions with accompanist Chris Jackson and soprano
Danna Dockery. Due to a new form of transportation, his “Kiel Man” nickname may
be replaced with a new one: “The Biker Baritone.”

Biker Baritone?

“My car went to car hell — oh, what a lemon that was,” Golterman explained.
“So I’m driving a little Honda motor scooter. I haven’t yet put the tux on and
got on it, but I may, I just might.”

So if you see a guy in a tux on a scooter it is most likely Golterman and not me, I don’t own a tux. In fact, I’d be happy if I never wore one again.

Honda makes several models of scooters so his might be different than mine. But, I have had friends call me after spotting a scooter just like mine in the West End — thinking I was nearby.

– Steve


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