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800 Miles On A Honda Metropolitan Scooter

October 18, 2005 Environment, Scooters 6 Comments


Tonight marks my first 800 miles on my scooter, not exactly a milestone number but I felt like sharing.

On October 1st I decided to record the miles on my bike, scooter and car so I could track my useage. In these first 18 days I’ve put a paltry 6 miles on my bicycle, 157 on my car and 308 on the scooter. The scooter represented a full 65% of my miles traveled. The scooter represented 98% of my fun for the same time period.

I’ve also been keeping detailed records of gas mileage. Right now I am at an average of 89mpg. I’ve noticed that as I have become more comfortable with the scooter I’ve taken busier roads and have been riding at full throttle. Lately I’ve been getting around 85-86mpg.

Since October 1st I’ve spent only $11.57 on gas for the scooter, including a fill-up earlier today. My total expenditure for gas on the scooter in the little over six weeks that I’ve owned it is a whopping $27.30. Less than thirty bucks for six weeks of fuel! I also filled up my car today and that was over $35.

I’ve purchased two helmets. First was a half helmet and most recently a 3/4 helmet with face shield for colder weather. Total cost $150. I’ve also had my first routine service which was around $110. A pair of leather gloves was $30. I’m not going to count the new jacket I bought because I needed a new jacket anyway.

Yes, I am quite pleased with my scooter purchase. As intended it has become my primary means of transportation. If you are considering a scooter for your needs check out my scooter blog at stlscooter.com.

– Steve

[Photo by fellow STLSyndicate blogger, Tom Lampe]


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  1. Scott says:

    I’m jealous……

  2. Jeff says:

    I have an “old school” Honda Trail 70 that I am fixing up. I got it all licensed and road it in 1998. It collected dust after I had a little spill on it. Wasn’t too keen about riding again after that. I had a helmet and got a small scratch on my arm. Kinda shook me up. I plan on selling the Honda Trail 70 since it really is only a trail type bike. Nobbie tires. I guess if the MO Department of Revenue and the insurance company get their money you can ride anything on the road. I plan on sending you a remarkable picture of some suburban scooters. I got a few pics of people riding last weekend to garage sales. They were what I call “scooter grannies”. Maybe someday I might get one…but for now cycling is my addiction.

    Keep Cycling,


  3. MJ says:

    I love my scooter. It’s a Vespa LX50 and currently has 1907 miles on it since June 25.

    Prior to buying the scooter I was dependent upon public transit. Metro screwed with the routes and my commute to work went from one hour each way to 90 minutes each way.

    So, I bought a scooter. THE.BEST.THING.I.HAVE.DONE!!!

    Say it loud and proud…SCOOTERS ROCK!!!

    Unfortunately, I will still have to take the bus when the weather is uncooperative but I hope that is few and far between.

  4. jerry lyles says:

    I have a 2002 Met that has been sitting for 3 yrs. I recharged the battery, and drained the fuel tank. I got it running, but very rough. I think I need to replace the fuel filter, but don’t know where/how to do it. Could you info me on this?

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  6. Your bicycle is looking good. I love it.


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