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Patterson Won East of Grand

March 22, 2005 Politics/Policy No Comments

Over on my 25th Ward News & Events blog I take a detailed look at the results from the election two weeks ago. As you will see, I carried the vote total for the two precincts East of Grand while my opponent, Dorothy Kirner, won the total of the two precincts West of Grand by a much greater margin – giving her the overall win. Click here to see the numbers.

– Steve


Patterson Won East of Grand

March 22, 2005 25th Ward No Comments

Detail election results by precinct and regular vs. absentee ballots show that I received 278 votes from the 1st & 4th Precincts (East of Grand) compared to Dorothy Kirner’s 262 (52% to 48%). Looking at ballots cast on election day I had 268 while Dorothy Kirner had 228 (54% to 46%). Her 34 absentee ballots to my 10 closed the gap East of Grand but it was still in my favor by 16 votes. On election day the two precincts East of Grand had 704 more registered voters than the two precincts West of Grand (3,577 to 2,873).

It was West of Grand where I lost the election. As this is Kirner’s backyard I don’t think anyone was surprised. Including absentee ballots Kirner received 292 votes to my 159 votes (65% to 35%). Of those totals 27 were absentee ballots for Kirner while I only had one (thank you, whomever you were).

Final vote count was 554 for Kirner and 437 for me (55.9% to 44.1%). Ballots cast on election day were 493 for Kirner and 426 for me. Kirner had 61 absentee votes to my 11 absentee votes.

The best turnout in the 25th Ward was in the 1st precinct, which happens to be my precinct, at 15.46%. Close behind was the 3rd precinct at 15.36%, the 2nd precinct at 15.34% and finally the 4th precinct at 13.11%. Overall the 25th Ward had a 15.92% turnout (including absentee).

The 25th Ward was second to last in turnout in Wards where the Aldermanic seat was contested. The 19th Ward had a turnout of 14.16% compared to our 15.92%. In that Ward incumbent Mike McMillan received 89.05% of the vote over challenger Mwenyeji Mtu. Lowest turnout was the 9th Ward with 12.17% while the highest was Slay’s own 23rd Ward where 29.42% of the registered voters exercised their civic duty.

In the Mayoral race the 25th Ward results were as follows:
Slay – 783 (78.3%)
Haas – 47 (4.7%)
Smith – 170 (17%)

Comptroller Darlene Green was unchallenged but received 831 votes out of 1,027 ballots cast. We had 196 people that decided not to vote in favor of an unopposed candidate. In contested races 27 people didn’t make any selection for Mayor and 36 people made no selection for Alderman.

The Green Party in the 25th Ward cast 5 ballots with sole candidate Willie Marshall only getting 3 votes (not quite sure what the other two people were thinking if they didn’t vote for Marshall).

I’m quite pleased with the final results and knowing the people East of Grand recognized a need for a change. Hopefully the results will send a clear message.

– Steve


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