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Parking Garage Repairs Halted, Emergency Structural Condemnation Issued

April 13, 2015 Downtown, Featured, Planning & Design, Real Estate 4 Comments

In December I told you about a downtown parking garage closed since July 2014, see: Parking Garage Undergoing Time-Consuming Multi-Million Dollar Restoration; Businesses Closed, Jobs Lost. Since December the big crew of workers dwindled to a just a couple and then last week nobody — the work stopped and the gate was locked.

Pape John's was located at Tucker & Pine until July when it closed for repairs to this parking garage.
The garage at Tucker & Pine in December 2014
Condemnation notices went up last week, I noticed them on Friday 4/10.
Condemnation notices went up last week, I noticed them on Friday 4/10.

My assumption is the repairs were becoming a blank check project the owners finally halted. Now what? I’m concerned the out of state owner will just walk away.  Ideally I’d like to see a new building constructed on this corner, if the St. Louis Streetcar project gets funded a new building would be feasible. I’m sure some would like to see this garage repaired or replaced with a new garage. I suppose that would be marginally acceptable.

What wouldn’t be acceptable, however, is a surface parking lot, this intersection needs the massing.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    Condemnation does not equal immediate demolition – if so, the city would have far fewer structures. This is just the first step in a legal process that includes everything from potential demolition to full renovation. However, if your goal is keeping the corner’s massing, you better hope that someone finds the money to complete the current repairs, since if it comes down, replacement with something similar in massing is highly unlikely.

    • Correct, condemnation isn’t a death aentence — I bought and renovated a previously condemned building. It appears this owner isn’t willing to continue with needed repairs. Will a buyer come along willing to do so? Perhaps, perhaps not.

  2. Imran says:

    Wasn’t there a form based code for downtown? I wonder if that would encompass this site. I wouldn’t mind seeing demolition and a surface lot if a future build-out ends up being more urban.

    • I’ve not seen any new code — I know I’ve not seen any events to participate.

      The problem with a surface lot is after money is spent building it people start using it, the owner gets used to the revenue and 25+ years later it remains unchanged.


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