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My Neighborhood’s Street Lights Are Always On

April 12, 2019 Featured No Comments

I often see street lights on during the daytime. It usually turns out the city’s street lighting department is checking to see which lights are burned out.

After weeks of observation at different times I’ve confirmed most of the street lights in my neighborhood, Columbus Square, are always on. Always.

At home we try to conserve electricity as much as possible, we’ve switched our lighting to LED. Many dimmable so we use even less electricity. To reduce our carbon footprint we also switched to 50% wind-generated credits.

The city, however, has thousands of streetlights of different types. Only some are LED.

I have no idea how street lights are controlled, I assume each area is controlled manually at boxes (buried or above ground), not a centralized computer. It’s possible they’re unaware if lights are always on — unless someone lets them know. I’ll be sending this post to the Citizens’ Service Bureau via Twitter.

Every photo in this post, except the last, was taken on Tuesday April 9th. This first group in a 10-minute window between 10:08am and 10:18am.

Old fashioned cobra head lights on Cole & 7th
Looking up at the two lights on 7th at Cole
Looking west on Cole from 7th, the lights all the way down at least to 9th are on
These lights are supposed to be pedestrian-scaled are also used frequently throughout the neighborhood. Many have the globe canted like this one. Carr at 8th
A cobra head on the same block of Carr, now closer to 9th
At 9th & the former street known as Biddle the cobra head on the right is burned out, but the LED across 9th is on. The back of Patrick Henry school is in the background.
Another type of light, also on, at 9th & O’Fallon
Here a nest stays warm with the light always being on. O’Fallon at 8th.
8th at O’Fallon, all the lights on this block are on
A cobra head at the corner of Dickson & 8th is on along with every light on the short street.

This next group were also taken on Tuesday April 9th, between 2:11pm and 2:40pm.

10th near O’Fallon
O’Fallon near 10th
Tucker at Biddle
Tucker at the curve between O’Fallon and Cass.

I didn’t go down 11th or Hadley to check lights on those streets, I’d seen enough to know this wasn’t an isolated block or two.

Ironically, I can’t figure out how to turn on the new looking lights on the tennis courts.

Four courts on two levels have what looks like new LED lighting, but no idea how anyone is supposed to turn them on to play tennis at night. The south facade of Patrick Henry is in the background, 10th Street is to the left. February 26th

Lighting is important, but 24/7 street lighting is just highly wasteful. Hopefully the city will get this addressed so we have streetlights only at night.

— Steve Patterson



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