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Our Visit To St. Louis’ Shake Shack

January 29, 2018 Central West End, Featured No Comments

I love trying new restaurants, though I usually wait months to give them time to work out any kinks. However, last month my husband really wanted to try the new Shake Shack that opens on Monday December 11, 2017. No way was I willing to brace the cold on opening day, but that Friday I had a few hours between appointments at the Center for Advanced Medicine. That day my husband, a home health aide, would finish with his morning client at 10:30am and had the rest of the day off.

We agreed to meet at Shake Shack for lunch, the first to arrive would get in line.We’d discussed where my husband would park beforehand, both agreeing the Argyle Garage a block North would be the easiest. My first appointment ran longer than expected, though I enjoyed seeing the X-ray of all the metal hardware in my left wrist. The line was around the corner from the Euclid entrance, so on the Pine sidewalk.

11:03am we’re in line.
11:20 we’re in the door, the line now split into 2. I think we got into the slower of the 2. Just glad to be inside where it’s warm.
11:32am: While my husband fished up our order and paid, I went and found a table. I usually like leaving my wheelchair in a corner and sitting in a regular chair, there was no empty space anywhere. A nice person moved to a different table so I could roll up to a 2-seater. It seemed noteworthy the table tops were made from old bowling lanes, which got me thinking about the numerous lanes razed in my 27+ years in St. Louis.
11:39am: my husband returns with our food after the buzzer went off
My Shroom burger looks good — it was excellent
Our lunch was quick & delicious, but $35+? Ouch!
12:05pm: When ew left the line was still around the corner on Pine. In warmer weather they’ll have outdoor seating in the dark area on the right.
The Euclid view with work still being done on the sidewalk and building. While we were eating the building’s fire alarm went off, which can happen during construction.

Before visiting Shake Shack I argued it was kinda a big deal. Even though I don’t see us going back anytime soon because of the high cost, I still think it’s a big deal. A restaurant from an international chain in a mixed-use building with no parking lot is a very good thing.

The weekend before we did our annual December visit to Crown Candy Kitchen — another place where you have to wait in line — for a table. We each had a sandwich with a huge shake — our bill with tax and 20% tip was $28. Our eating out budget isn’t big, so I’d rather patronize places where I know the owner than one I can buy stock in.

I’d like to see more local places learn from the big guys:

  • List calories on their menu
  • Have smartphone apps to place to-go orders
  • Though I like servers, consider the order first model. Yes, local places like Porano Pasta do this.

We may return to Shake Shack this Spring or Summer so we can enjoy our expensive meal outdoors while people watching. Perhaps in the evening so I don’t feel as bad about spending nearly $35.

— Steve Patterson


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