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Two Years Since Jamestown Mall Was Closed

July 18, 2016 Featured, St. Louis County 4 Comments

Jamestown Mall in North County closed two years ago. It was over five years ago discussions were going on about redeveloping the site:, see Readers Split on New Urbanist Village at Nearly Dead Jamestown Mall (June 2011)

At the time the mall was still open…barely.

May 2011Two anchors remained in May 2011
Two anchors remained in May 2011
The Jamestown Mall food court was mostly dead
The Jamestown Mall food court was mostly dead

From July 18, 2014:

With the Jamestown Mall quietly locking its doors, officials hope the passing creates an opening to transform a site that has long troubled north St. Louis County residents and leaders.

“The goal is to put the property in a condition where we have reasonable hope to develop it to serve the citizens of North County,” said Andrew Ruben, a senior vice president of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership.

The County Planning Commission is expected to begin the process Monday by approving a declaration to mark the 1.2 million-square-foot parcel as a “blighted area.” (Post-Dispatch)

A few weeks later Darren Wilson shot & killed Michael Brown.

In late 2014 someone went exploring inside the shuttered mall, followed by others who broke in and damaged stuff.

How long will it sit?

— Steve Patterson


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  1. RyleyinSTL says:

    I’m not sure I understand how the shooting ties in?

    • St. Louis County had a bigger issue in North County to worry about, though I think they’re both related to economic disparity.

      • JZ71 says:

        Malls, in general, are a dying breed. Out of all the ones who were doing well, locally, 15-20 years ago, only West County can still be viewed as doing more than just OK, these days. South County, Plaza Frontenac, Chesterfield and Fairview Heights are hanging in there, but others, like Crestwood, Mid-Rivers, St. Louis Mills and Jamestown are either dead or near death. Yes, demographics conspires against retail in North County, but it’s not the main reason for places like Jamestown staying vacant. Location and lot size just aren’t conducive to current retail models and demands, in all of the malls that are struggling across the region.

  2. The mall was 41 years old when its few remaining tenants departed the building last week. The UniverSoul Circus, scheduled for next week in the parking lot, will go on despite the demise of the mall.


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