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Sunday Poll: What Would You Like To See Happen To Grant’s Farm?

November 29, 2015 Featured, St. Louis County, Sunday Poll 10 Comments

It’s been in the news the last week or so, six Busch siblings can’t agree on what to do with Grant’s Farm.

Please vote below
Please vote below

The choices are in random order, or you can provide your own brief answer. The poll closes at 8pm tonight.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    AB InBev will not continue to operate it at annual loss, indefinitely. They’re far more likely to a) shut it down, b) charge more for admission (than just charging for parking), and/or c) rebrand it to be more Budweiser and less animals and history. As for the Zoo and their edifice complex – no, just no. There are far greater needs for our limited tax dollars. When will our focus on increasing sales taxes become unsustainable? When they reach 12%? 15%? 20%?!

    How about a fifth option (and one I never thought that I’d say) – make it a park! The County (or the State) could acquire it and turn it into something like Queeny Park, Francis Park or O’Fallon Park. Take down the fences, open it up for unstructured public use and use the current infrastructure to generate some revenues through concession agreements. (And with the number of existing, nearby, ballfields, hopefuly there would be minimal pressure to build more.)

  2. Bob says:

    FYI your 3rd choice isn’t an option. Do a little research on what municipality Grant’s Farm lies in and what it’s zoning laws and ordinances are. Also look up what part lies in a flood plain. Not going to have to worry about any commercial or residential development here!


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