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Sunday Poll: Which mode of public transportation do you think is the safest in St. Louis?

April 5, 2015 Crime, Featured, Sunday Poll 16 Comments
Please vote in the poll, located in the right sidebar
Please vote in the poll, located in the right sidebar

Today’s poll is about perceptions so it doesn’t matter if you ride public transit daily, frequently, rarely, or never. It also doesn’t matter if you think all public transit is unsafe — today’s question is: Which mode of public transportation do you think is the safest in St. Louis? So if it helps you it can also be read as Which mode of public transportation do you think is the least unsafe in St. Louis?

The poll choices are:

  • Bus (MetroBus)
  • Light rail (MetroLink)
  • Tie/equal
  • Unsure/no answer

These will be shown in random order in the poll — located in the right sidebar.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    Where are the airlines and Amtrak? Taxis? School buses? And “safe” for the users or the other users on the road? “Safe” in the waiting areas or on the vehicles? Injuries versus deaths? Accidents per vehicle mile travelled? Deaths per million miles travelled? Statistically, public transit, in any form, is far safer than private vehicles (professional, trained operators in larger vehicles versus poorly-trained, over-confident, potentially distracted, potententially impaired operators in smaller, lighter vehicles). Personally, I perceive all of Metro’s services to be equally “safe”, even though I have growing concerns about personal safety, both at stops and on vehciles, but I still choose to drive myself, the vast majority of the time, because it’s far easier (even if it’s less “safe) – direct, far quicker, no schedule, no waiting, and I get to control my personal environment – temperature, tunes and passengers! Concerns about personal safety aren’t keeping me from using Metro more, it’s the maddening schedules and the extended time it takes to get from Point A to Point B!

  2. tbatts666 says:

    I actually feel less safe walking to the station than taking the station. I’ve never felt threatened on public transport here.

    My walk is from Soulard to the stadium when I go to the train. Too many overhead freeways and not enough front porches or eyes on the street.

    • Yes, the walk to/from stations and/or bus stops can be the least safe part of a journey.

    • dick says:

      I used to make that walk tbatts. Do you ever take the bus instead? Or take the pedestrian brudge over the highway? It takes longer but is much more pleasant. I tried for years to get the SRG interested in improving the walking environment from downtown to Soualrd, but they weren’t interested, neither was the City. Hopefully Coatar will care about pedestrians, but from what I’ve seen and heard so far seems like another car slave.

      • tbatts666 says:

        I hope he is interested in doing that.

        Thanks for the tips. Quite often I am arriving at the last train of the night.

  3. John R says:

    It would be interesting to know the injury rate of riders (or others) per miles travelled on Metrolink versus bus. And then how these compare to vehicle traffic. There is the occasional bus accident and maybe a rare safety incident on Metrolink (do we know if there has ever been a serious vehicle-train incident at a crossing?) but I think it is safe to say that deaths or serious bodily injury have been very rare occurences.

  4. caruthers says:

    Firstly, I both live and work in the city. I use both bus and light rail regularly with no hesitation, so I voted for tie. However, this question brought up some thoughts

    Speaking as a recent immigrant to the area, one of the major differences I see here from the east coast (NJ, MD and VA) is a constant focus on how unsafe the city is (with the unspoken rider ‘for affluent white folks’, like myself)

    Some examples include:

    1) obvious uniformed security at the front door of every retail store, even in the suburbs.
    2) signs everywhere telling you to hide or don’t leave valuables in your car
    3) this poll (although I do appreciate the positive wording of which is safer, rather than which is more dangerous, the underlying ideas are the same.)

    Based on my observations and crime rate statistics, I don’t believe Saint Louis is markedly more dangerous than any other major city in the country and certainly not enough so to warrant the prevailing attitudes I hear. However, I do believe the atmosphere of fear creates an echo chamber where isolated incidents are focused on and fear (mostly of poor, black people) grows disproportionately, which leads to greater overall racial tension, which has exploded spectacularly in the past year.


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