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Three Area Police Officers Suspended, Including Glendale’s Matthew Pappert (UPDATED)

August 28, 2014 Featured, St. Louis County 18 Comments

The last week several local police officers were suspended from duty. First was St. Ann’s Lt. Ray Albers:

A St. Ann police lieutenant has been suspended after pointing a semi-automatic assault rifle at a protester in Ferguson late Tuesday night, police said. (stltoday)

On Friday August 23rd we heard about two more suspensions. Here’s one of the two, suspended due to statements made in a YouTube video:

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said officer Dan Page, a 35-year veteran of the department, has been suspended pending a review by the internal affairs unit. The video was brought to Belmar’s attention by CNN reporter Don Lemon, who had previously brought Page to the department’s attention after complaining Page shoved him. (stltoday)

I knew the name of the last one as the TV news anchor began introducing the story; ‘an officer from suburban Glendale Police in trouble for Facebook comments’ was roughly how the story was introduced. I immediately knew the name they’d say: Matthew Pappert.

A police officer just 15 miles away from the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Mo. allegedly said he thinks the protesters should have been “put down like rabid dogs.”

Officer Matthew Pappert is a police officer with the Glendale Police Department. He has been an officer since 2008. Pappert received the 2009 City of Glendale Community Service Award and the 2013 Kirkwood American Legion Post and Kirkwood Optimist Club Public Safety Award. (St. Louis Area Cop Thinks Protesters Should Be ‘Put Down Like Rabid Dogs’)

You can click the link above for screenshots of Pappert’s statements, which include: “Where is a Muslim with a backpack when you need him?” More sources:

So how did I know his name in advance? I learned about Matthew Pappert on July 21st, via Facebook, of course. It started with the following image I took that morning:

At 12:31pm I posted this image to my blog's Twitter account & Facebook page with the text: "This morning a @SLMPD traffic cop parked in front of a hydrant in a @STLMetro bus stop, forcing me to go 2 blocks east to catch the bus"
At 12:31pm I posted this image to my blog’s Twitter account & Facebook page with the text: “This morning a @SLMPD traffic cop parked in front of a hydrant in a @STLMetro bus stop, forcing me to go 2 blocks east to catch the bus”

From across Market St I saw the traffic cop pull up and get out of the vehicle, I thought to ticket the truck parked in the bus stop I needed to use. As I crossed Market at 16th the truck pulled out and the officer went in to the building, presumably for traffic court.

Not long after posting, the photo was shared by someone. With the privacy set to public I was able to see the comments, I wasn’t prepared for what I read:

Who is this Matthew Pappert guy? Oh look, his Facebook profile says he’s a patrolman for the City of Glendale, a small suburb of less than 4,600 people — 96.7% of them white (Wikipedia).

The initial conversation on the profile of a person I've never met,
The initial conversation on the profile of a person I’ve never met,
Matthew Pappert's Facebook & Twitter accounts have since been deleted
Matthew Pappert’s Facebook & Twitter accounts have since been deleted

I was furious so that night I used Glendale’s “contact us” form to email the police department. I never heard back from Glendale and I forgot about it — until last Friday’s evening news. Back to the website I went, but I couldn’t find the name of the chief. I called their non-emergency number and explained to the staff person. I then typed out a letter and faxed it to the attention of the chief, including my email address. I heard back from Chief Jeffrey within an hour:

Mr. Patterson,

Thank you for bringing the information you faxed to me attention. This will be included in the internal investigation we are currently conducting. As stated in my previous press release, the comments and posts by Matthew Pappert absolutely do not reflect the views & opinions of the Glendale Police Department and City of Glendale, Missouri. That includes the comments he posted during your correspondence dated July 11, 2014. I am not sure why we did not get your previous emails but I assure you it will be looked into as well.

Jeffrey Beaton
Chief of Police

I sent supporting documentation via email. On Monday I heard from Captain Bob Catlett, Glendale’s Assistant Chief of Police, who’s investigating. We’ve been corresponding back and forth. After reading the statement from Pappert’s lawyer, I emailed Capt Catlett back to assure him the recent vile comment from Pappert about Ferguson were not an “aberration.” It turns out many in the LGBT community are familiar with his right-wing outbursts.

If  Pappert resumes working, I’d advise all non-whites to avoid Glendale Missouri.

UPDATE: The day this post came out Albers resigned from St. Ann, Pappert was fired by Glendale. The next day Page retired from St. Louis County.

— Steve Patterson


Currently there are "18 comments" on this Article:

  1. Confused Citizen says:

    Am I the only one confused? Why is a Glendale Police Department officer driving a StL City cruiser?

  2. guest says:

    This is a common theme among cops. Sure some/many cops are great (yadayadayada). But MANY are on big time ego trips. It’s like a mental disease. They get drunk with power. Yes, they are sworn to uphold the law, but remember, they ARE the law – and they don’t hesitate to tell you. Personally, I am, 1) sick of all the complaining by cops about how hard their jobs are (if you don’t like it so much – quit); 2) the institutionalized deference to cops and military in this society – as if they are one step away from deity status – please; and, 3), the endless partnership between cops and elected officials. They are little more than a mutual admiration society – and bottom line, all of them lined up at the trough of government paychecks.

  3. rebel says:

    Buses should be equiped with a camera to take a picture of a cars license plate parked in a bus stop. If the bus rolls up and the stop is blocked by some jerk’s prescious private auto the driver snaps a shot, a few weks later said jerk gets a 100 dollar ticket in the mail.

  4. More confused citizen says:

    I am confused as to why anyone feels the need to even publish this. Did you personally know this officer? Did he ever do anything to you besides disagree with your opinion? Did you firsthand witness his ability as a police officer? Just wondering.

  5. Mark says:

    First they come for someone you don’t like or agree with for what they said and you say nothing because they deserved it. Next they come for someone that you do agree with because of something they said and you say nothing because you are afraid. Then they come for you and no-one say anything. Welcome to 1984!

    • William Kruse says:

      Yes. I see how holding those who we entrust to enforce the law to a high standard of conduct is just like 1984. #sarcasm #incredulous.

  6. Timothy Jenkins says:

    Glad to see someone is standing up against this kind of crap. I see the police sit at a light and they turn on their lights just to get through the red light. That is only the tip of the iceberg.

  7. Al says:

    I find his official statement perplexing and disingenuous. You can’t post those comments on FB about a mostly peaceful protest, and turn around to claim you “believe in an individual’s right to peacefully protest”. Which individuals? The white ones? Non-Muslim ones?

    He was caught red handed already, the least he could do is make a 100% truthful statement. His statement seems like that of someone who broke the 11th commandment; Thou shalt not get caught.


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