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Getting To Fair St. Louis In Forest Park

July 3, 2014 Events/Meetings, Featured, Parks 1 Comment

Fair Saint Louis begins today in Forest Park. The event is usually held on the Arch grounds but will be relocated to Forest Park this year and next year due to City+Arch+River construction.

For weeks now we’ve been hearing complaints about having to pay $30/car to park in Forest Park. I’m glad such a premium is placed on parking, this has hopefully forced people to consider transit, carpooling, etc.

Layout of the fairgrounds within Forest Park
Layout of the fairgrounds within Forest Park

For those who have mobility issues, there is is a substantial walk just to reach a gate. If you’re taking a friend or family member that has difficulty walking distances please consider taking their manual wheelchair along, no wheelchairs will be available in the park. The best view of the stage will be from the top of Art Hill, which is accessible using the trail & sidewalk network.


We’re taking MetroLink to Forest Park tonight to see the fireworks, are you going to Fair Saint Louis?

— Steve Patterson


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  1. RWP says:

    Took the advice given in the West End Word – bike down. Stayed in the CWE after the closing of the fair till 130. Tried to bike back down Lindell to the Loop. Stopped by a cop who didn’t know anything other than I could go down Lindell. Ended up cycling to Oakland to head west, since Delmar seemed like a foolish idea at that time of night. So upset about the officer’s lack of helpfulness that I completely blanked on the fact I could have taken Waterman to Union to Pershing etc home. Wish orders were given to more helpful police officers.


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