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Readers Split On Chief Dotson’s Proposed Use Of Drones By St. Louis Police

July 10, 2013 Crime 1 Comment

For much of the early voting last week the “good idea” crowd outnumbered the “too big brother” folks regarding the proposed use of drones by the St. Louis Police. See the introductory post for the poll here.

ABOVE: A $299 personal drone from Amazon
ABOVE: A $299 personal drone from Amazon

Q: How Do You Feel About Police Chief Dotson’s Vision For Using Drones?

  1. Too ‘Big Brother’ for me 38 [44.19%]
  2. For surveillance in public, it is a good idea 36 [41.86%]
  3. Sounds ok now, but it’s a slippery slope 10 [11.63%]
  4. Other: 2 [2.33%]
  5. Unsure/No Opinion 0 [0%]

I remain conflicted; while it is big brother I also think it might catch those who are up to no good, but I see it expanding bit by bit — the slippery slope.

The two “other” answers provided by readers were:

  1. I put on a better show when I know someone is looking!Add as a poll answer
  2. stupid idea, waste of money

— Steve Patterson

  • equals42

    Probably quieter than those annoying helicopters. I hate how much noise they make. Reminds me of LA.

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