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Readers Support Regulation of Drones in Missouri

March 6, 2013 Featured, Sunday Poll 4 Comments
ABOVE: A $299 personal drone from Amazon
ABOVE: A $299 personal drone from Amazon

Few seem to care about the use of drones by law enforcement or other individuals, only 45 voted in the poll last week.

Q: Thoughts on Drone Use in Missouri?

  1. Regulation is needed to protect my privacy from government & individuals 29 [64.44%]
  2. Meh, no big deal. Let the boys play with their toys 8 [17.78%]
  3. Use by government should be very limited but I should have an individual right to use one 4 [8.89%]
  4. Unsure/no opinion 4 [8.89%]

Perhaps if I’d have included the phrase “new regulation” in the question that would’ve enticed more to respond? You can read the original post here.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. RyleyinSTL says:

    Police require a warrant to do electronic surveillance do they not? If so, then just include drones in that category, if they aren’t already.

    • moe says:

      Not that easy Ryley. Just look to the example in New York the other day. A drone came within 200 feet of a jet liner. A private drone. 200 feet to a plane going 180 miles per hour …..that is easily within sucking distance of those engines. People could have died. And the lawsuits….what? the airline for not doing enough? wasn’t their fault. The owner of the drone? I seriously doubt they would have the millions of insurance to help even one person out, nevermind possibly hundreds.
      At least the professionals know you don’t point lasers at cockpits, you don’t fly drones near other craft. it isn’t the professionals we need to worry about, it’s the individual citizen being careless or worse.

      • RyleyinSTL says:

        I’m not sure what you’re getting on about. Flying a drone (or remote aircraft in general) in controlled airspace is already something that is regulated by FAA, private flights or otherwise. I think Steve’s point was about legality not safety.

        • moe says:

          Well then I’ll get back on track. Adding drones to a warrant process would be a good thing, but it won’t stop the private entities (everything from joe blow down the street to Google) from taking a peak. Those are the ones I worry about, not law enforcement.


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