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Poll: Do You Drop Money In The Salvation Army Red Kettle?

December 9, 2012 Featured, Religion 14 Comments

This time of the year bell ringers are out in front of stores collecting money for the Salvation Army.

ABOVE: The familiar red kettle of the Salvation Army in front of Culinaria at 9th & Olive downtown

The poll question this week asks if you donate. Discuss below and vote in the sidebar. Results on Wednesday December 19, 2012.

— Steve Patterson



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  1. PR says:

    used to but not since I’ve heard their stance of gays

    • Chuck Baker says:

      So because they won’t help homosexuals, they shouldn’t help anyone? They’re a non-profit; you’re only hurting people those services would go to.

      • Or they give to nonprofits that offer services without discriminating against some of those in need.

        • PR says:

          Steve are you saying the Salvation Army gives nonprofits that offer services without discriminating against some of those in need?

      • PR says:

        I’m not giving my money until they stop discrimination.

      • abernajb says:

        FIne give money to them, and to groups who only help gays, as there are groups that do that too. Then you are helping everyone.

        We all give to causes, and many of them favor one group over the other. Either all groups should help everyone, or we need to realize that our gifts never help everyone in need.

  2. LawnBoy says:

    I don’t support other reactionary religious groups, and I don’t think that I should make an exception for this one just because they make loud noises while I shop.

  3. DF says:

    They discriminate against the LGBT community, turning away some in need solely because they are gay. I do not support groups that discriminate.

  4. Fenian says:

    As a religious person, I do have a problem with their tactics. Proselytizing should not be part of the delivery of social services. One should not be ‘made to sing’ for their supper or spoken to about the lack of God in their life. There are plenty of religious charities (Catholic, Jewish, etc) that do not engage in such activities, but unfortunately, the Salvation Army does.

  5. GMichaud says:

    I stuff some money in their pots sometimes. I see they try to help people, no question though the Salvation Army is part of the corporate welfare state that dominates American life. Is it too harsh to say that? I guess the real question is how much of each dollar goes to the people that really need it?

  6. Sgt Stadanko says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT – they would have to pry my last dollar out of my cold dead hands. I find their heavy-handed, in-your-face tactics (including the “God Bless You” for guilt, if you don’t give) aggressive, their discrimination against LGBTs repulsive, and the fact that giving cash opens up the opportunity for someone to skim off the top. I wonder really how much of the donations actually make it those in need. That is, if this religious outfit deems you deserving because of what you do in the bedroom. Once it is skimmed, administrative overhead is paid – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 5 cents on the dollar. Call me a cynic, a scrooge, or cheapskate/tightwad but I wouldn’t give them a dime. I would buy a homeless person a meal and do more good than giving to the Salvation Army. I refuse to give to these charities behind the guise of religion. They are selective on who they help, yet that ask from everybody. -Sarge

  7. st louis man says:

    where are the kettles in may??? why is it everyone MUST have a merry christmas but screw you the rest of the year. I dont give to them, they can shove those bells in their you know what.


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