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Free Water, Not Free Gas

July 9, 2012 Featured, Media 6 Comments

For the last month or so KMOV Channel 4 has been running a free gas promotion to get viewers to watch their Awake show at 6:20am. Watch the show, figure out the clue where the gas will be given away, and then try to be one of the lucky ones that gets a full take of gas for freeI. Those of us without a car must not be in their target demographic.   The giveaway has been promoted endlessly.

Every time I see a promo I think about the cost of car ownership and how disappointed KMOV must be since gas prices have dropped. If gas prices were still near $4/gallon the promotion would have greater value. Why not transit passes to those of us helping reduce air pollution by taking public transit? Then on June 28th local radio station came to the rescue of many in the intense heat.

ABOVE: Staff from Hot 104.1 FM pulled up at the bus stops on Des Peres Ave across from the Delmar MetroLink station to distribute free water and give out free movie passes.
ABOVE: After about 10 minutes they left, presumably going to other busy bus stops to distribute cold water.

Nobody got interviewed, no microphone stuck in their face to use to promote the good deed. They were just helping out.  Thank you Hot 104.1.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. RyleyinSTL says:

    Take a look at that Suburban…there was plenty of promotion going on.

  2. msrdls says:

    I own two hybrids, and still I’d rather win the gas.

  3. JZ71 says:

    That’s the great thing about the free market – if you don’t like what Channel 4 is doing, you always have the option of watching Channel 2 or 5 for your local news . . . vote with your remote!  Reward behaviors that you like, punish behaviors that you don’t.

  4. Fozzie says:

    Those of us with cars must not be 104.1’s demographic.  I want my movie passes!!!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  5. Moe says:

    I don’t listen to 104.1 nor do I listen to Channel 4.  I lost out.  Me sad.


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