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Readers: Would Send Kid To Best High School In Missouri Even Though It’s In the St. Louis Public School System

June 13, 2012 Education, Featured 3 Comments
ABOVE: Missouri's top high school, Metro Academic & Classical High School at 4015 McPherson in the City of St. Louis

Metro Academic & Classical High School in the St. Louis Pubic School system is the top high school in the state (prior post)! It’s student body is also selected from the best in the city, not just any kid can attend. Of course, this is a major factor in producing the outstanding results.

The poll results and the comments varied widely, as one might expect:

Q: Assume You Have Kids: Would You Send Your Kid To The Top High School In The Region/Missouri If You Could? BTW: It’s Metro Academic and Classical High School

  1. Sure, no problem 39 [42.39%]
  2. No way, it’s part of St. Louis Public Schools 14 [15.22%]
  3. Yes, that’s where they go! 13 [14.13%]
  4. Maybe 12 [13.04%]
  5. Other: 8 [8.7%]
  6. Unsure/no opinion 6 [6.52%]

The #1 & #3 answers represent for than half those that took the poll. The “other” answers were:

  1. Private
  2. Yes, that’s his alma mater
  3. of course, but why such success at this location and not others?always wondered?
  4. They would go to the closest High School to the house
  5. Loaded poll alert! Please make them more interesting in the future.
  6. If I had kids they would go there.
  7. Only sending kids to private schools
  8. onlt if I couldn’t afford to send them to one of our great catholic schools

The purpose of the poll was to spark some discussion around education, which it did.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Fenian says:

    Somehow I doubt that Metro has the same issues as other schools in the district. I know of one teacher last year who was assaulted by a student and the school refused to suspend the student because the suspension would count against attendance. In an attempt to get re-accredited they needed butts in the seats, even if it meant letting kids get away with assault.

  2. Guest says:

    Steve, according to the study’s methodology, they only surveyed public schools. Now I’m not arguing against the merits of public schools, but you can’t say Metro is the best school in Missouri, if not all schools were  considered. You can certainly call  it the best public school in Missouri.


    • SG says:

       Also, isn’t there a lottery system and certain grades and/or test scores that determine if a child is “gifted” that allows them consideration to attend this school because it is labeled a “Magnet School”? So, asking if someone would send their child to this school isn’t the right question. It should be, “If your child is capable, would you send them to this school?” And, the lottery seems to offer a bit of chance based on your location… http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/article_09b6ab06-cb41-50cd-b142-106ff799fd31.html


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