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Singler Gets 25th Ward Endorsement

January 23, 2009 25th Ward 14 Comments

At the end of a painfully long meeting, Angie Singler received the Democratic ward endorsement in the 25th for the March 3rd Democratic primary.  This race has four candidates.  Incumbent Dorothy Kirner is not running for re-election.

Singler received the most votes with Shane Cohn coming in 2nd, Travis Reems 3rd and Debbie Kotraba in 4th. Kotraba wasn’t even present at the meeting.

My congrats to Angie for her many months of hard work already put into this race.


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  1. stacking required says:

    Anyone can get a ward endorsement if they stack the vote. Too bad Ms. Singler couldn’t speak about what she plans to do in the ward for more than 1 minute. But when you’ve stacked the vote with all your friends and family I suppose you don’t have to explain anything more than you want the neighborhood to be “beautific” (the candidates word not mine) again. Oh, she also let us know she’ll work with the police department, as if the other candidates were not planning to work with that pesky & unnecessary department. Nice pick Steve!

  2. Travis Reems says:


    Minor correction to your reporting: The order was Angie in 1st, Shane in 2nd, Debbie (with 1 vote) in 3rd, and I was last with no votes, as I requested that all of my supporters vote for Angie because she had (within the rule and traditions of the organization) increased the club’s membership ensuring that she would win regardless of the vote. Angie and her friends and relatives did a good job at that, and should be recognized for it.

  3. publiceye says:

    There is certainly an organizational component to winning ward endorsements — and elections.

    The 25th Ward also endorsed Mayor Slay last night.

  4. samizdat says:

    So what does our magical new alderman think about aldermanic courtesy? What does she think about the police force’s ignorance of brick thieves? What does she think of the corruption in the Building Division? Is she just another member of the dry-rotted, rusting hulk of a Democratic machine which has dominated and destroyed so much of our beloved City? What does she think of us irritating preservationists, who insist on using the rule of law to ensure that all RFP are available and on view to the general public? The traditional notion that I shouldn’t have a say in the way another ward is governed is an absurdity which belongs in the 20th century. Leave it there. Imagine if someone had told me that I couldn’t have an opinion on what some mining company or resort wanted to do on BLM land or near one of our National Parks? See? Ridiculous.This is no joke, people. This may be the last election wherin we can elect a progressive and intelligent individual who can think holistically, without the blinders and ignorance typical of Machine politics. If she is typical of the authoritarian mindset of the majority of our “leaders”, then no sale. We need openness in our City government, not darkness. The venal pols who have run our City lo these many years haven’t exactly believed in the concept of open government, much like the Bush-Cheney administration. It’s pretty apparent that this systemic refusal to allow full, open, complete and convenient access to the mechanism of City governance has not served us citizens well at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. The idea that the ward is your fiefdom, to be shared with only those who are allowed inside the tent, is not only not square with the ideals of our Nation, but has obviously not produced anything of substance. Dead malls and under-utilized white elephant convention centers don’t count. Strip malls where once there were threads of the intact urban fabric don’t count. Most of the rehabbing in the City was started without the aid of the City. In fact, during the early years, the City was often in direct in oppositon to these efforts. Why do we continue to kiss the asses of these incompetent toadies? No progress can come with everyone looking backwards. We learn from the past, avoid the same mistakes, and move on. The Machine is dead. Quit trying to make nice with it. It will only bury you. Your “wonderful” alderman may be a nice person, but they are just another dead weight on our shoulders, holding down this City’s greatness. We may not be the same City we were 100 years ago, but if we do not try at least to be a City as great as Chicago, Seattle, Washington, DC, then we are surely doomed to our currently diminished state. Our petty, parochial system condemns us to second and third rate status, and at best, only succeeds in barely keeping our collective heads above water. I am not implying that Ms. Singler is a typical urban fuedalist, but her website is somewhat less than forthcoming with regards to real attitudes and ideas about the future. Sigh. Rant over.

  5. Witness says:

    Don’t forget to mention that both 25th Ward committee people (Norm and Maggie) endorsed Shane Cohn, as did Jeanette Mott Oxford. Looks like Shane has also has been endorsed by the Young Democrats. Congrats Shane!

    Also, besides stacking the ward for the endorsement, don’t forget to mention the Singler campaign’s blatant attempt to steal the 25th Ward treasury. Sure, you can steal candy from a baby, but should you? Oh those childish things…

    No, these folks aren’t the “dry-rotted, rusting hulk of a Democratic machine…” They are the “watch the city rot until it begins to stink in your own back yard” do-nothing opportunists who think the “community” needs them to save it. Ha! You gonna come pick up my trash?

    Rant just starting…

    [slp — Yes, Shane Cohn has some excellent endorsements – congrats to him on those. Planning ahead and increasing membership ahead of the organization’s endorsement vote is how endorsements are won – it is not stacking. The role of the ward club is to actively support the candidates they endorse. Four years ago the club spent thousands of dollars to support Kirner and to defeat me. The club has no other role. I’d prefer our elections to be non-partisan and dispense with party clubs & partisan primaries altogether.]

  6. stlmark says:

    ^Samizdat, best comment of the year (so far). I hear you. When are you going to run for office?

  7. stacking required says:

    How shall we define stacking? Sounds to me like we’re splitting hairs. These people all joined the ward club only just in time to ensure that Singler got the endorsement. These people were never involved before and, my guess is, if Singler doesn’t win the election probably will never be involved again. Singler brought them in just in time for the ward endorsement, period.

    These people joined the club between September and October of 2008 (October being the last meeting that people could join in order to vote in the endorsement). None, and I repeat, NONE of them bothered to volunteer to work with the club to get out the vote for the November Election. There were sign-in sheets and pleas for help at the Sept. & Oct. meetings for volunteers to work up to and on election day IN the 25th ward, and I repeat NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THESE NEW PEOPLE BOTHERED TO SIGN UP TO WORK WITH THE WARD CLUB TO GET OBAMA, NIXON & OTHERS ELECTED.

    Whether you stack a vote one meeting in advance or ten meetings in advance if those people are only there for one purpose, to get their person endorsed so they can get a bunch of money, that is still stacking. If they were there to support the club and its purpose for the long haul that would be different.

    None of them have helped raise money for the club. Dorothy Kirner (and her husband) spent 20 + years supporting the ward club. And they spent those years helping raise money. So if one was to look at the percentage of money used to support the Kirner’s campaigns compared to what they raised over the years I believe you would find that the ward club benefited significantly. The Singler group has not helped the club raise any money (except their $6/person membership dues) and now they think they deserve an equal amount to what Dorothy got? Ridiculous!

    [slp — I joined the club in 2004 a good six months before the 2005 election. It was prior to the November 2004 Presidential election and I believe before the August 2004 Missouri primary. Not once was I asked to volunteer to help work the polls. This past October I never heard anyone organizing volunteers for November. No sign up sheets. Nothing. No website either trying to get people to the polls either as voters or volunteers. Check out the open 15th ward site as an example of what the 25th could be doing to welcome new members. Don’t blame the new members for a failure in the ward leadership.]

  8. stacking required says:

    In September Greg & Elena, who were Obama volunteers specifically recruiting volunteers from the 25th ward to work in the 25th ward up to and on election day spoke at the meeting. No one signed up. They also announced that every Saturday and Sunday at various times (which stayed the same each weekend) canvassers would be meeting at the corner of Meramec and Virginia. Again, none of these people showed up to work. In October, Brian Wahby, chairman of the St. Louis City Central Democratic Committee spoke and yes there were sign in sheets that Chairman Wahby referred to and asked people to sign up on. The canvassing times were also announced again. Steve, you may have missed all of this while playing on your iPhone, but it did take place. There were dozens of Obama and Nixon signs on premises. At the end of the night only a small handful of signs had been taken and again no one signed up to work. Again, none of these new people showed up to canvass. I think “witness” was right on when he/she said this was a group of “do nothing opportunists” who, after many of these people have lived in this area for 20+ years, just now decide they are the only ones who can save the community when they’ve never bothered to do anything before.

  9. Jack says:

    I fear that Angie does not have the right background or personality for the job. I would prefer to have someone with a relevant education and work experience. Also, I think that it’s helpful to have the style and personality to mingle with the movers and shakers from around the City who could bring money and high-quality new residents and businesses to the ward. She seems kind of Kirneresque and old-school. Same old, same old. We elect her, and the ward struggles along for a another 4, 8, 12 years. Maybe I’m way off. Steve can correct me if I’m wrong. Also, Steve, it’s not too late to change your endorsement–the election’s miles off.

  10. Bob says:

    I am glad that the contest seems to now be a horse race between Singler and Cohn, who are the two best candidates for the job in terms of community involvement, dedication, vision and — very important — ethics. (In fairness to Kotraba, I know nothing about her, save her husband’s water-carrying in the Sherman George debacle.)

  11. Dutchtown Res says:

    I am acquainted with Shane Cohn, and I find that he complains about things more than he actually works to get things done. I find him to be all talk (mostly whining) and little action. My vote will go elsewhere.

  12. 25thWarder says:

    My view of things is that the other candidates supporters are just kicking themselves that they didnt think far enough in advance to ‘stack the vote’…honestly I think the move was brilliant…it took time and planning…that which is needed in politics, a campaign and any public office. Kudos to Travis Reems for pointing out what Angie has done for the organization.

    Shame on the members that publicly endorsed anyone except Angie when the Club voted and endorsed her democraticly!

    Why does the reason people have joined matter? All that should matter is that they are involved NOW!!! You can -what if, and -where were you when, until you are blue in the face…but where does that get you…no where! All you do is make yourself look like a sore loser…get over it!

    Angie obviously has supporters and followers within the ward and she has pulled them in to help-isn’t that what a campaign is all about? They are all concerned and obviously looking for a change! I personally have not been involved in the 25th Ward Club until September…but it was because I never really knew the Club existed and I have lived in the ward my entire life! Up until the fall it seemed to have been run as a private club with few members and that was fine because that was the way they wanted it.

    Regardless of the outcome I think Angie’s efforts in stepping up to run for Alderperson in the 25th ward has opened the eyes of people that have had thier eyes wide shut…or were just too busy to be bothered to get involved, including myself! Its never too late to make a difference, we all want the best for this nieghborhood…I hope!

    I think the bitching, finger pointing and bad-mouthing is the negative and closed mindedness that has lead us to where we are right now…SOOO…instead of blogging about how whiny Shane is, how Angie wants to work with the police department (doesnt sound bad to me), that Debbie wasnt even there or that Travis got 0 votes, get involved, offer to help and put in your 2 cents worth. If we all get involved we can make a huge impact! If you are like some people…who like to bitch but NEVER want to volunteer or take charge and help out-keep it to yourself- no one really wants to hear it-we want to see it! This is the Show me State!

    I challenge you to step up and get involved…that alone will lessen the load on the few people that always carry the burden because 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people…everyone is busy and has commitments!

    LASTLY…I hear the meeting was quite heated, I just wish I would have been there to witness Angie’s victory and the unfortunate scene that was made by the board and committee people! It looks like Angie recruited her people just in time if that’s who we have running our Ward club!

  13. PT says:

    25th Ward Debate for Alderman – Tomorrow night at February 11, from 6:00pm – 8:00pm, at the Confluence Academy. The school is located at 3112 Meramec

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