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BPS Denies Larry Rice’s Request for a Conditional-Use Zoning Permit

October 30, 2007 25th Ward, Events/Meetings, NLEC, South City 4 Comments

IMG_4276.JPGThis afternoon St. Louis’ Board of Public Service met to hear numerous issues related to zoning. One of the items was an application from Larry Rice’s New Life Evangelistic Center to open an energy center in an old commercial building located in the middle of residential block in South city.
Numerous neighbors came out strong in opposition earlier this month. Ald. Kirner, who initially supported the project, changed her mind once her constituents began to speak out against the proposal.

Rice may appeal today’s decision to the Board of Adjustment.


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  1. Nick Kasoff says:

    How wonderful that the city has said no to this cancer masquerading as angel. Now if only they would enforce building/safety codes on his primary facility …

  2. Cody says:

    I think that this is a good idea but the location is not the best choice that Larry Rice Could have made.
    I have been against this not because it is Larry Rice but because the house that sit on the property is of historical nature.
    This might be better suited in a more industrial area or better yet in the county but I am sure that Larry Rice isn’t gonna be allowed to do that too because of all the issues that he has had and people do not trust him. I think it is pretty coward of him to say that he is gonna open a homeless shelter if he doesn’t get his conditional permit. Oh here is a news flash for you Larry Rice. You will still need a conditional use permit to do that as well. Having been in the Saint Louis area and having opened several homeless shelter’s I am sure he is aware of this and he was aware well before he planned this Energy Center that he would need a commercial permit for it. Now the question is asked what will Larry Rice do? Will he appeal to the Board of Adjustment? Or will he just let the property sit and not sale to anyone just to piss off the neighbors who didn’t support him to open it? It will be interesting to see what happens next in this issue.

  3. Jim Zavist says:

    I don’t know Larry Rice. I do know zoning. There’s a reason why non-conforming uses are allowed to remain and there are valid reasons why they lose their unique status. The BPS apparently made a straight-forward and correct interpretation of the existing laws. For the buyer (Mr. Rice), caveat emptor. For the neighbors, congratulations on holding the city to high standard.

  4. scott says:

    What a joke Larry rice is!Trying to make us believe he’s working for nothing while he sits in his Creve Coure home….having homeless work for no money because”a paycheck doesn’t solve anything”?!Stop using people and move to another city please…I hope the city would come down hard on him like he deserves.
    Why should he get special treatment and get away with whatever he wants?
    He is cancer masquerading as an angel!


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