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Discussion of St. Louis Public Schools on KDHX 88.1FM

July 17, 2006 Education, Media 2 Comments

Dave Drebes of the Arch City Chronicle and yours truly will be on KDHX’s Collateral Damage tonight at 7pm (CST). Most likely we will discuss nothing but the recent school board actions and where we go from here. Hosts DJ Wilson and Fred Hessel will keep the conversation on topic and interesting.

Tune into 88.1FM or stream live via iTunes or other media players (link to online streaming). Can’t listen tonight at 7pm? No big deal, check the website a couple of days later to stream the content or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. All free for your listening pleasure!

Have questions you’d like discussed tonight? Send your questions to collateraldamage at kdhx dot org.

Via St. Louis Schools Watch, the new interim superintendent is being introduced today at 1pm today.

– Steve


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  1. circler says:

    This latest “turnaround” in the SLPS is just the most recent example of how loathe to change St. Louisans are.

    Slay, Roberti, and Creg Williams were working to reform a failed system.

    However, the promoters of the status quo, in this case, the entrenched teacher’s union bureaucracy, regained control and cleared out all of the in-the-works reforms.

    The ironic part is how Roberti and Williams can sip Mai Tais together on a tropical island on $$$ from the SLPS, while we’re all stuck here in the heat of a St. Louis summer, looking at the same messed up situation we’ve had for the last 20 years.

    Thanks to Lizz Brown, Mary Armstrong, Peter Downs, and the rest of the “leaders” running the show.

  2. Anonymous but interested party says:

    Mary Armstrong couldn’t care less about the students. The education of these young people matters less to her than being in the spotlight.

    I really think getting rid of Williams is a mistake we will come to regret.


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