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Public Meeting on CWE High Rise

April 13, 2006 Central West End, Events/Meetings 3 Comments

Alderwoman Lyda Krewson (28th Ward) called me today asking that I help announce a public meeting to be held this Saturday morning. Krewson is hosting the meeting to help allow OPUS to present revised drawings for the controversial high rise they are proposing at the NE corner of Lindell and Euclid.

The presentation will be Saturday 4/15/06 at 9:30am at the Schlafly Library which is located on the NW corner of Lindell and Euclid.

Afterwards be sure to head to the McDonald’s protest at Grand & Winnebego which begins at 12:30pm.

– Steve


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  1. Maybe Opus actually used an architect this time around…

  2. Webmaster says:

    The real issues in this debate about the Opus project at Lindell and Euclid are being ignored.
    Everyone is caught up in the moment with NO serious thought about tomorrow.

    Some issues include:

    1) Why is the CWE Historic District ordinance (a law) being ignored?

    2) Why hasn’t the CWE Historic District ordinance been amended or even repealed IF that is the voice of the people?

    3) Why not permit a Bed & Breakfast on Lindell or Hortense…a higher and better economic use of the property?

    4) Will this action affect the other Historic District ordinances in the city?

    5) What does it take to get aldermanic support to violate the CWE Historic District Ordinance?

    When will there be a Master Plan for the neighborhood so that we will have a rational approach to growth in this important real estate area?

  3. Dustin says:

    Why doesn’t “Webmster” give his or her real name? Even in the CFRD website to which he/she has linked in the comment above it is signed “Webmaster.”

    I find this group a bit dubious when they don’t even list who they are in the broadest of terms (concerned neighbors, citizens, etc.) much less using their real names. For all I know — though exceptionally unlikely — they could be fronted by a rival developer.

    Standards need to be re-evaluated from time to time and even if they aren’t judgements have to be made for when to vary from them. The Preservation Board is fully capable of making such assesments. I think “Webmaster” is mixing apples and oranges. I think he/she is trying to make a point about ALL standards being applied fairly and evenly whether they are on Lindell or Hortense place but I see a world of difference.


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