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Proposed Daycare Center Continues to Paint Brick Building

May 27, 2005 25th Ward No Comments


Back in 2001 I took the picture, at right, of 4657 Virginia. A stunning building with wonderful brick. The color is great with excellent detailing. Inside the entry to the left is glazed brick.


Fast forward to April 20, 2005 and the building gets paint job. Literally. Painting a store front is one thing – it is supposed to get painted. Painting brick, with some very rare exceptions, should never be done. The building owner in this case got paint all over the brick, glass and the glazed brick in the left entryway.


The close-up shot below shows the massive over spray. Note the corner brick detail.


Earlier today I snapped this shot of the brick receiving even more paint. A big yellow stripe.

Most brick buildings in St. Louis were never meant to be painted. This is why they have such interesting textures & colors. Painting them, in my perspective, is criminal and almost always destroys the character of the building.

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– Steve


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