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The Numbers are the Same

March 3, 2005 25th Ward No Comments

On February 9th I posted a report here on all 28 Wards and their respective bricks & mortar investment. Two weeks ago we distributed a very telling flyer regarding how our ward came in last place our of all 28 Wards in bricks & mortar investment over the last four years. To me the numbers were disappointing but not completely unexpected.

As disclosed on the prior post and on the flyer, all financial numbers have been based on information supplied to the general public (you and me) through the Slay for Mayor web site.

• Click here for our flyer called, “The Numbers Tell The Story”
• To read my post from February 9, 2005, click here.
• Mayor Slay’s detail of the 25th Ward investment can be read here.

When it comes to looking at the numbers I guess it all depends upon your perspective? My opponent’s recent literature says:

“During the last four years some $2.8 million has been spent building new homes or completely renovating existing homes. Our commercial strip businesses located throughout the ward have been improved by almost $800,000 in investment.”

Slay’s website says we had $2.9 million in investment in housing with 10 “substantial rehabs” and 2 “new construction” over the last four years. Three per year. I personally don’t consider that a housing boom. If we had 12 per year I’d be happy – but not for four years.

Of note are the 9 businesses that make up the $800,000 in business investment over the last four years. At least four of the businesses, (Ackerman Toyota, King Dodge, McMahon Lincoln Mercury and Bimmers R Us) were part of the old 25th Ward boundaries and in the heavily commercial corridor along Kingshighway. I don’t know from this information what percentage of the $800K was invested in these four auto dealerships compared to the other businesses listed but my guess would be a majority. Again, here is the link to Slay’s detail on the 25th Ward.

The information is all there for you to review. My opponent and I agree on the numbers but clearly disagree on their meaning. I strongly believe we can do better as a Ward in attracting greater bricks & mortar investment. What do you think?

– Steve


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